Saturday, May 30

Shining down on ME!

I had another item stolen at the H.H.Gallery (where I sell my paper-crafts and jewelry and gifts) since I was there a couple of weeks ago. A gorgeous pair of earrings, priced at $18.00. They even were matching to a bracelet on display. Well, at first, I have to admit I was pretty darn upset, but then after a bit, I realized that it was not helpful holding all of this anger and I let it go and told God to give me peace about it. AND when I did, look at what I saw.......

I took this pic on the way home from the H.H. Gallery this evening. Can you see the sun-beams coming down through the clouds? And, to me, there's a smile in the sky.... do you see it? Don't cha just love it when you feel like HE is watching over you?

Enjoy your Saturday Evening!


Anonymous said...

Nice picture!
Cool blog!
And.. you surely is a great artisan! :)

Char in So Cal said...

When I see the sun beams like that I tell my kids: "Look you guys. There's God in the clouds."

I have a few pics in my files of Him in the clouds.

Char in So Cal