Sunday, May 10

Archiver's COUPONS!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! As a surprise gift to you (and possibly myself!) I am sharing a link that I just found that gives you FOUR COUPONS AT ARCHIVER'S SCRAPBOOK STORES!!

Just click on the link above OR CLICK HERE to see them, print them out and redeem! These expire at the end of the month, so GO SHOP!

My wonderful hubby gave me a $50.00 gift card to JCPenney and I already redeemed it online to purchase two HONKIN' skillets! They have an awesome sale going on right now so I got one of those huge, deep saute skillets with a glass lid and also another 12" skillet, too! They are RED, isn't that exciting, as well?? I KNOW!! Well, get this...

Then I googled PROMOCODES and got this wonderful site: and found a promo code for free shipping at JCPenney for orders $49 or more! So, I tried it and lo and behold it actually worked! So, I was just charged tax! I bought two skillets worth $110 (not on sale) for $8.83 because of the promocode and my gift card!!! Isn't that just awesome!?

Happy Mother's Day to ME! {I guess I should let you know that I NEEDED the skillets, since one of the handles is barely staying on AND my hubby set the other one A-FIRE in the oven back in January, but then pulled it back into the house and made me use it until now! - Guess he was feeling a bit guilty, heehee!}

WELLLL, then I looked into the printable coupons on the site and found the Archiver's coupons and figured I better post them for my scrappy friends! I wonder if there are even some for Michael's or JoAnn's, gotta look into that, huh??

Have a wonderful day and enjoy some time with the kids, that IS the reason you are able to celebrate, you know!!

Blessings on YOUR day!


A Touch of SOL said...

Happy Mother's Day!

RockerJewlz said...

Wow, just signed up at this site...thank you so much...what a find!

Tiffany Bauer said...

What an awesome buy you made today!!! Have a great Mother's Day and try and relax the rest of the day!!