Friday, May 29

EarBLING Lampwork Dangles!

I am posting some Lampwork EarBLING for your sterling silver HOOPS that you have on hand, for those regular customers of mine... If ya need a pair of hoops, add $8.00 and I will send you a pair of sterling silver, lever-back hoops to go with. Then, all you have to do is slip on and off your ear dangles to match your outfit for the day!

NOW, these are dangles are made with ALL STERLING SILVER and LAMPWORKED beads (Glass Beads made by hand with a torch and rods of glass), so obviously they do weigh more than Swarovski crystals ONLY like I usually sell, but once you get used to them, they aren't that bad at all and you don't even notice them on!

If ya want'em, just email me and the first person who does gets them first; I can't make duplicates, so tell me ASAP if you want them for yourself! If I don't hear from anyone tonight, I will take them with me to the H.H. Gallery tomorrow (in Holland) and have them for sale there! I should be out there from noon to 5pm or so. If you need me there earlier, just let me know and I will meet up with ya!

I am thinking I need to have three blogs, one for family, one for jewelry and one for paper. What do you think? I mean, it kind of defeats the purpose of calling my business Anderson ArtSSSSSSS, since I wanted to encompass my love for ALL of my artsy fartsy hobbies... but I am thinking that it might make it nicer for those customers or friends who are just interested in one area of my creations, whether it be paper or beads. Constructive criticism appreciated!



A Touch of SOL said...

These are beautiful...I don't wear hoops yet because of Joaquin, my 8 month old..He pulled my earring of my ear and i saw stars, moons the whole galaxy it hurt so bad...I definitely want key bling and scissor bling but my hubby says to expensive right now...but once I can I WILL BUY BOTH!

Susan Timmerman said...

Those are all so pretty Nicole! Wish I had a few extra bucks right now! Of course, if I did have a few extra bucks I'd still be in trouble because I don't know which I'd get!!!!

ArtisticInkspirations said...

You could create all three blogs and have the links on each to the others, or do separate "pages" to click on for each type of item.

KJ said...

3 blogs would be such a pain to keep up, I would think. You could put in your post title first off what it is...and then maybe whomever gets your RSS feeds or followers would know by reading the title what it's about? Did that make sense?

But....those earring rock. I'm going to have to start my own collection of your earrings now!!