Thursday, May 14

Sneaky Peek

I am super busy these days with getting ready for Josh's graduation party and family coming in. MAN, who would have thought that there is so much cleaning, shopping, menu-planning and cooking to do for a one-day event???? And, what really gets me is that we are having a small, intimate party of just 50 people or so. Around this town, you invite everyone AND their uncle and have a huge bash, but Josh wanted to keep it small, so we did. But, could you imagine if we were having one of those HUGE parties? I would have to wear a wig to the grad ceremony because I would be bald from pulling my hair out from stress! LOL!

Anyhoo... since I don't have time to be crafty, except for filling regular orders (Thanks K.E. & K.B. and Ms. K in FL!!), I thought I would give you another sneak peek on something I made for Christian Paper Crafts Magazine's first quarterly issue coming out this Fall. A spray of prima, a wee-bit sparkle and a dab of curly stamping.... hmm..... Do ya like?? I can't show it to ya, but I thought this may wet your whistle for now!

Well, I better run and get things going for the day. I am getting my hair done today for the big day. Do you think I should stay blond or go back to red?? I wish you all liked my red more, I really like it better. BUT, I will go with the majority probably and keep it sparkling blond!
Have a SUPER THURSDAY! The weekend is in sight!


A Touch of SOL said...

Dont TEASE us with sneak peeks...The colors you chose are BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see the publication!

Kelly said...

I agree with Marisol....quit teasing us! Oh, and to answer your question about your hair....It's YOUR hair. Color it the color you love!!!!

Jenna Cotton said...

looking good, love the colors...can't wait to see the it in the magazine!! I only see the little picture of you on your page with red hair and I think it looks great!! But I'd say to do whatever YOU want and makes you feel good!

Susan Timmerman said...

You, my dear, are a tease! You tempt us with only a little snippet of your creation? That's not nice!!! LOL

Kris said...

You know I prefer you as a blonde but you do need to make yourself happy :) You should choose the hair color you feel most confident with.
I love the colors for this card!!

Carolyn King said...

way to go Nicole! That looks like an awesome project!!! LOVING the happy colors. Cannot wait to see the whole thing!