Sunday, May 10

KEYBLING PayPal Buttons are UP!

KeyBling PayPal BUTTONS are up and ready for pushing! HeeHee! If you don't know about my 'SCHTUFF' jewelry-wise, CLICK ON THIS HERE to see details about the materials I use in my items!

Summarized, I use all Sterling Silver beads (except for the keyring, itself), only Genuine Swarovski crystals and perfect handmade glass beads (lampwork beads).... In other words, ALLLLL GOOOD SCTUFFFF!

I hope you find something you like; but if you don't find a color combo you want, just email me, I have TONS of beads that are just begging to BLING UP your keys!

Email me for questions
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Kate Cecil said...

Nicole - your KeyBlings are GORGEOUS!!!!!

Nicole said...

Thanks, Kate! AND Thanks to K.E. and K.B. for their custom orders of a keybling!! I will try my best to get those to you before the end of next week! HUGS, Nicole