Thursday, May 28

Official BEGINNING of Summer Vacation!

The kids were off of school at 12:30pm yesterday to begin summer vacation. What would make this day officially the beginning of summer?

Can anyone say SLIP n SLIDE?? We had a great time getting wet and crazy!!

Thanks, Grammy and Grumpy for the perfect GIFT!


Peggy said...

They look like they are having alot of fun. Say if your school year is over already when do the kids start school again. Here, they go from beginning of September to end of June.

Kate Cecil said...

Slip-n-slide is a perfect gift!!

I have five kids and we created a game called cup wars. We have two 5 gallon buckets, one at each side of our yard (40 feet apart). Each child has a 22oz plastic cup. At the word go, they can run to one bucket and scoop up some water to throw at a sibling. After throwing the water they must go to the OTHER bucket to get the next cup of water. Between the running and the throwing, they have fun and burn off some energy.

Susan Timmerman said...

Now, that looks like LOTS of fun! Wish I had been there!!!! (grin)