Thursday, May 7

Late Night Stampers!!

If you are ever feeling a need for some creative inspiration, please visit these gals' blogs!! This is a list that I stole from SHERRILL GRAFF'S BLOG. Sherrill is our GROUP MOM of Late Night Stampers, which is a YAHOO group that you can join!! LNS is a wonderful bunch of gals that colaborate their business and creative interests to encourage and support each others' SUP! business and artistic efforts! If you would like to join this group, just click on THIS LINK HERE and then find the big blue button that says 'Join this Group' and you need to fill in the blanks and submit, it is that easy!!

You will find tons of business advice, get plenty of crafty support and feel loads of LOVE when you submit to a challenge, or just want to share something new that you created the night before! OH, and did I mention it is FREEEEEEE!?????

Group 1
Mary Jo Price-Williams
Nancy Dawson
Leonie Schroder
Julie Semones
Eileen LeFevre
Pamela Browne
Erin M. Lasseter
Tammy Howell
Tiffany Bauer
Group 2
Peggy Finney http://www.stampinpeg,
Nicole Anderson
Karen Sullivan
Kate Cecil
Kelly Mayou
Debbie Little
Lorita Edwards
Marilyn SanClemente
Jenna Cotton
Marisol Gutierrez
Group 3
Sandi MacIver
Tina Taves
Chris Austin
Heidi Michel
Kelli Waters
Nancy Legate
Dianne Shiozaki
Holly Brown
Virginia Killmore
Kirsten Brown
Group 4
Roz Wolfe
Roxie Nitti
Angi Anderson
Renee Winch
Angie Page
Selene Kempton
Laura Albertson
Ret Cudmore
Nicole Tugrul http://www.becreativewithnicole.typepad,com/


Jenna Cotton said...

I 2nd that! Late Night Stampers is great!

Tiffany Bauer said...

I too say this yahoo group is awesome!!! So go now and join for FREE!!!