Friday, February 29


Click to enlarge! You can also order either the black or white lampwork bracelets, too. I don't have any on-hand to sell, because to order these beads is just down right expensive unless I have a confirmed order.... Regularly $75.00 SALE: $65.00 today and tomorrow only!

And, yes, I know that is not a 20% discount, I won't have any money to donate to the CURE if I took off 20%!

Awareness Swarovski Pearl Bracelet

Pearls are classic AND are making a come-back in fashion, if you hadn't heard. Light Rose Swarovski crystals and tiny sterling silver quad beads separate the crisp-ivory Swarovski Pearls. To know why Swarovski PEARLS are not the same as typical GLASS pearls, see 'Materials Used in my Jewelry Line' . Regularly: $26.00 SALE: $21.00 today and tomorrow only!

Awareness Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Bracelet

THINK PINK!!! Light Rose 8mm and 6mm Swarovski crystals accented with 4mm sterling smooth beads throughout; finished with a ribbon toggle and sterling silver CURE ribbon charm. Bring some BLING into your wardrobe easily with this beauty! Regularly: $28.00 SALE: $23.00 today and tomorrow only!

Awareness 6mm Sterling Bracelet

Some people don't wear pink, some people don't like sparkles. But some DO LOVE SHINE! Smooth 6mm sterling silver beads are strung together clasped at the end with a ribbon clasp and CURE ribbon charm. You can wear this one everyday! Regularly: $38.00 SALE: $30.00 today and tomorrow only!

Awareness Ribbon Watch

Accented with a pink ribbon in the face, this Swarovski crystal and sterling silver beaded bauble is sure to look classy with jeans, khakis or a business suit! Regularly:$50.00 SALE: $40.00 today and tomorrow only!


Beginning on August 18th, I am kid-free in the afternoon from noon till 4pm!! YEP, that is right! (Well, except for Fridays) I just signed up Isaac for 5th Street School's PreSchool Program! He will be going Monday through Thursday in the afternoon, when KayLee will be going to kindergarten, and Eli will be going for 1st grade all week. AND, to top it off, they ALL get to ride the bus home, and it doesn't drop off the kids until almost 4pm!!! WOO HOO, jewelry and crafts are going to be pumpin' out of this craft-room like crazy!!

I had intended on signing up Isaac for our church's preschool which is just two days a week. But then found out that our own elementary school had a preschool program, too. So, after checking into it and finding out that the school only charged $10.00 more for four days, instead of two, it was a no-brainer. Isaac is wayyyyyyy behind with his speech, so he could use being around other kids in the afternoon when KayLee will be gone for kindergarten and has noone to play with. AND I am going to make Friday afternoons "OUR" day and spend the entire time with him to keep encouraging his speaking habits.

WOW, just think of how much crafting I can get done in 16hours a week! My husband may just have to stop vacuuming and laundering over the weekends beginning mid-August, too since I will have more time to clean as well! I have never seen him smile sooooo big!

Have a super day and check back to see the Awareness Jewelry items (with prices). You can reserve one or order one if they sell out, but the prices are going to be 20% off just tonight and at the CROPS, so grab them when you can!

Thursday, February 28

Things are fixed......

....I think. I almost wonder if it wasn't my new laptop that was having issues. It seems that everything is running fine now, so vote, vote, vote!!!!!!!!


Website PRO-blem-O

Something is wrong with the connection to vote, so just give it a day and vote tomorrow if you have a chance! THANKS!

This one is for Sandy!

I made this one for one of my favorite customers and friend! She saw these lampwork beads unstrung, so I told her the next bracelet I made would be with these beads, with her having first dibs on acquiring them. This one is a steal at just $60.00. Reserve it now and you can pick it up at the Armory over the weekend of March 8/9th!


MAN, will it never end?

There always seems to be something getting in the way of making and posting the freebie! I have just 45 minutes left before I have to go pick up KayLee at preschool and have all of the kids home after school. AND Eli has wrestling tonight, so I am going to go RIGHT NOW and try to put it together and then post it later tonight when I can after supper!

Don't forget to vote! I am on the first page!!! I met my goal! BUT, I will only stay there as long as you vote. You may wonder why this is such a big deal to me. Well, this is a way to gain exposure from individuals and companies looking for artisan jewelry to sell. I hope someone picks up my jewelry line someday.... so, until then, VOTE or else! HA HA! JUST KIDDING! I appreciate those who have supported me with their votes! And remember, you may not go away empty handed, you could just win the ITEM OF THE WEEK. Look for it tonight... for now, I am gonna go make it!

Wednesday, February 27


I just thought of a way to get more traffic on my site (thus MORE ANDERSON ARTS ADDICTS), not to mention more votes to raise my ranking... IF you would like to help me AND you have a blog or website, post an entry or mini-ad space for me on your site and email me at to let me know. Your email must include your blog or website address so that I can find your "post" or "ad" about sending interest my way.

HOWEVER, if you don't have a blog or website, just send out an email to your friends and family, and tell them to check out my BLOG, jewelry and paper~crafts at . Be sure to send your email TO ME, as well, so I can see that you did it. NOT that I think any of you all are dishonest, it is just a way to keep track of who should get more entries. If you do this, you will get 10 entries into this week's freebie drawing!!

In my experience word of mouth is the best way to advertise! And the cheapest. SO, when you are getting started with any business anything FREE is GOOD! I thought this would be a great and EASY way to help spread the word about Anderson Arts!

Thanks So Much!

Tuesday, February 26

Eli's "E"

Here is my sick-o-strep boy. He wasn't doing too bad this morning, and probably should have gone to school, but I gave in and let him stay home. He was so sweet this morning and wished me a happy birthday before my hubby could remind him to do so. I melted and let him stay home just one more day. His perfect attendance was ruined anyway, so why not enjoy an extra day of getting-better with Mom on her birthday? It was fun and I enjoyed every minute!

He wanted to do his initial like KayLee and Isaac's, so he opted for green which surprises me. He has always liked blue or orange. He planned out the placement of the flowers and thought of the idea of dotting his I with a flower... Yep, artistic like his mom! YEAH, he's cool! HA HA!

Oh yeah, THANKS for all of your votes in getting me on the second (and now almost 1st page!!)... I know I haven't still posted the freebie yet; I had the preschool artclass tonight and was busy with mom-stuff again today. I taught Eli, KayLee and Isaac how to use the computers and get online to play some educational "games" at You should check it out if you have kids in preschool to 1st or 2nd grade. It is so easy for kids to navigate the games, even my Isaac, who is not yet three could do it all on his own after just watching KayLee first. I didn't even have to show him anything! Of course, THEY (whoever THEY are) say that children get their brains from their mothers... so that should say it all for ya, YEP he's brilliant just like his Mom, HA HA HA!!!
but first I have to make it!

Yeah, I am in my late 30's now!

You know the song...

I'm gonna party... like it's my birthday!

Drink Bacardi... like it's my birthday!

Okay, maybe not the drinking part, but maybe a nice glass of wine after I teach tonight's pre-school art class would be ok!


Monday, February 25

No Pic, Sorry!

With Eli sick today, KayLee having kindergarten round-up, teaching the art class AND NOW just finishing up some German bar-cookies with Josh for his German class at the high school, I didn't have a chance to make the give-away go "public" with a picture! SORRY!

Eli has strep... and did you know that the rash/hives he had this morning is called a "strep-rash"? I didn't even know there was such a thing! Throw some amoxicillin at him and he should be fine, thank goodness!

KayLee had so much fun going to the elementary school today to sign up and get tested for kindergarten next year. She tested well and will hopefully go to afternoon kindergarten, unless they end up going all-day by the beginning of the school year in the fall.

I have got to run and finish up the homemade icing for the cookies. I sent Josh to bed finally and told him that I would finish them up. He had his youth group meeting, as usual on Monday nights, so he couldn't do these earlier without me anyway. We had fun discussing baking things, like, "WHY do they call shortening, SHORTENING?" I told him he needed to google that one!

See ya'll tomorrow!

Sick-O's in the house!

Eli is at home sick until 3pm when the doctor can see him! Everyone seems to be sick right now! He had a severely sore throat, cough and fever yesterday; well, now he has hives! Raised bumps all over his torso; and he has a rash of sorts on his chest! Just plain weird! So, I am drugging him with pain/fever medicines and some tussin for his cough and congestion. He needs to get better for wrestling practice tomorrow! I will find out if he is contagious when we see the doctor. If I hadn't waited till 9:15am((only!!!)) to call, I would have gotten in sooner!

So, I am enjoying the morning with the kids; First we played a dice/chip game called "Swipe" which was way too much fun! Then, KayLee wanted to finish up her "K" art project from last week, so we did that. We also practiced our tumbling in the living room and Eli is now a pocket-Yahtzee handheld Genius! He got three yahtzee's in one game bringing his highscore to 423! GEEZ O PETE! I sat with him and showed him how to play the game with just two games and he hasn't put it down! He is only 5 years old, you know!

I am so glad that I got tonight's Art Class project totally finished and ready YESTERDAY! For once I planned ahead and it paid off. I don't know why but I always procrastinate. I have always felt that I do my best work under pressure! Have a SUPAH DAY!!!!!

Sunday, February 24

Picture of Freebie....

....coming tomorrow! It is my first give-away for voting for me and raising my ranking, so it will be a good one! Don't forget to email me with my current ranking when you vote so you can be entered into the drawing. You can vote one time every day! OH, and now I am at #32!! This is so exciting, I hope it lasts!

PreSchool Art Class for Tues/Wed!

My little cutie, KayLee, is sportin' this week's preschool project (and some new dangly earrings made by myself)! This is really fun and simple to do, but a little messy as we are water-color painting. This is so easy, I can't even believe it myself. Coffee Filters! YEP, that is right, good ol' coffee filters! You cut them into the shape you want (fish) you lay them on the paper that you want "painted" and you then proceed to load up the coffee-filter-fish with paint. Once the fish is saturated with paint and water, you dab the excess water off with a paper towel, and lift the fish off. VOILA! A painted fish shape remains! Most wonderful thing about this is that the paper dries relatively fast, so you can make some fish, put them aside and cut them (when dry) and then adhere them with some pop-up dot stickers to give them dimension... How cool is that? Add a little black marker for eyes and fins and you are DONE! OH, I forgot to mention that all you need is ONE coffee filter per child! I just used the same filter over and over until I had a school of fish!
One more thing, if you click to enlarge the picture, that is NOT a bogie hanging out of her nose! She scratched up her nose somehow and has a scab or two on it! Poor thing! I kept telling her all day to wipe her nose!! HA HA!!!

K-5th Grade Project for Tomorrow!

Eli is proud to show off his new door-sign that will be made in the K-5th grade class tomorrow night! I am going to be explaining the properties of complementary colors... In other words "opposite" colors. And we will also discuss the way that color is used to express a mood or show "direction". As in this project, red means 'STOP' and Green is used to express 'GO'.

Did you ever notice that restaurants use RED in their interiors a lot? First and foremost it is used to give you the initial sense of warmth and welcoming. But, RED is also used to create that sense of "anxiousness: so that you want to get out of there asap, thus allowing MORE customers to frequent the dining room! If they actually wanted you to feel relaxed and stick around, they would use colors of blue, green or neutrals, which are more serene and calming; hence why those colors are used in places like hospitals and health spa's!

Color is just a fascinating thing to me; it can be used in so many ways for so many different reasons! COLOR ROCKS!

and the reverse side:


I have been up since before 4am... ok, let me correct that... I have been AWAKE since before 4am thinking about all I have to do to get ready for the next 3 weekends' shows I am vending my jewelry at... then only to realize that I have only 40 bracelets/watches TOTAL for nearly 500 women. Hmm, do ya think I am under-estimating women's lust for jewelry? I think maybe.

While I do KNOW that I make pretty darn nice QUALITY jewelry, it is scary to order hundreds of dollars of sterling, watch faces, Swarovski crystals and pearls. Even if I estimate that only 10% of the croppin' supporters will want to purchase an Awareness jewelry item to support the CROP for the CURE, that is 50 people. And what if they want earrings AND a bracelet or watch? I only have 15 pairs of the earrings available! Poor planning or prudent spending? I don't know. I would not know what to do with 100 sets of Awareness Ribbon sterling earrings, if they didn't sell out! I know I can always order more and send them out to the ladies later, but I just know how I am sometimes... if it isn't available RIGHT THEN, I don't want to 'order' and 'wait' and deal with picking up/dropping off later, so I just don't bother.

If anyone has any helpful suggestions, please email me! I still have time to order more, and make more, just not sure if I should do it. I guess I can always see how the first crop goes on 3/1, and then order more for the crop on 3/15, of course the second crop isn't sold out like the first. I know how true scrappers are, too... they would rather take $25 and spend it on paper and ribbon than spend it on sterling, ha ha! So, depending on how passionate they are about their hobby I may even get stuck with the 40 items I have now! Oh, well, I guess this year will be a good test run for next year! Hopefully I will raise enough money that they will ask me back again to supply the gals with a new Awareness collection to choose from!

Saturday, February 23

GoRgEouS NeCkLacE!

Here is Kathie's necklace... It matches her bracelet and earrings that are in the slide show at the top of my blog. Let me know what you think! HUGS, Kathie, thanks for being so patient!


ok, so I am now on page [2] thanks to some secret admirers who voted and didn't even tell me! THANKS! AND stupidly I had my hubby deliver one of the necklaces without taking a picture first! Well, I still have one of them, so I will take a pic of the one remaining and post it later. I have been getting bead-sets organized and ready to assemble into keychains and bracelets for over 4 hours today! I hate being such a perfectionist, it makes things take longer!

Gotta go for now, be back with a post of Kathie's necklace later!

Still on Page [3] & Necklaces

...but now I am at the top! At 42!!! THANKS for your votes! I am even ranked higher than a lampwork artist that I buy beads from now and then! So, that is way cool!

I made two of the most beautiful necklaces last night for Kathie and Sandy. They are coming your way at wholesale cost, since you had to wait too long for them. Mostly not my fault since it took 2 months to get get the lampwork beads here, but partially I feel responsible since it is ridiculous to have you wait so long! So, cheap-o prices for EXCELLENT items, my gift to you for being so patient. I will post pictures of these two beauties some time today!

See, good things DO FINALLY come to those who wait!! (AND with inexpensive price tags, as well!) I am off to get beading for new items for the Armory and another craft/art show coming up.

Make it a wonderful day!

Friday, February 22

Voting 'HINT'

To find my ranking, you need to page down each page's ranking and click on the next page's number [2], [3], [4], etc till you find me. At the present time of writing this post, I am on page 4 at #65, I don't have my banner up on their site yet because I have been setting this up on my laptop which doesn't have any pics to upload. I will hopefully fix that today. THANKS for VOTING!

EDIT 1:01pm: I am now on Page [3], ranked #58... THANKS for the votes!

EDIT: 4:30pm: I am still on Page [3], ranked #52... but you still need to vote to be entered!

EDIT: 7:28pm on Saturday: I am on page [2], ranked #40! but you still need to vote and email me to be entered into the next drawing!!

Thursday, February 21

Got the urge to play with PAPER!

Oh, man.... I am so glad that I am teaching these three art classes because it gives me a reason to play with paper, my other lust next to lampwork and sterling. I can't wait to tear, distress, ink and glue some this weekend! Hope you had a nice day and evening! I will post some newbies tomorrow sometime; don't forget to put me in your 'favorites' to check back on me!

Plans Ruined!

I had it all planned out... I helped out one of my friends this morning and watched her babysitting kids while she went to the doctor, which was a good reason to relax and do nothing! But, since I was blowing off the morning by doing nothing work-related, I planned on working my little fingers to the bones after lunch and taking KayLee to preschool. Well, I just found out that school is having an early-release due to the expected BAD weather coming our direction according to the radars. {Eli is going to be sooo upset that wrestling is cancelled!} SO, instead of working while everyone's gone (except Isaac napping) I will have a full house.

It seems like everytime I turn around my plans to tackle the beads gets ruined! UGHHHHHH! I feel the 'need to bead'! And when I act on these 'creative~juices' I always end up being able to get so much more done in a shorter length of time than when I am feeling normal! So, I am feeling a little stiffled at this point. Oh well, maybe this is God's way of telling me to slow down and smell the roses, if you know what I mean. Josh is only going to be home for 18 more months before heading off to college; and KayLee starts elementary school officially next year with kindergarten; and Isaac (the baby, turning 3 in April) is going to be in school before long, as well.

So, upon posting this blog entry I am going to take advantage of their 1/2 day off and rev up the oven, bake some cupcakes with the kids' help of mixing, stirring, pouring and icing. Doesn't that sound better than ignoring them by plopping them in front of a Disney movie? Well, then again, THEY may like the Disney movies enough to watch them again, but I know they will enjoy creating a special dessert for Daddy to have tonight after supper, too!

Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, February 20

Keepin' on Keepin' ON!

WOW! I did the PreSchool class this morning, did Micky D's with KayLee and Isaac and came home and got the mail... oh yeah............

Mr. Postman delivered the cards that I had designed and printed up on Saturday night for the CROP in E'ville on 3/1 and 3/15! SO, I used up 3 boxes of glue-dots attaching my business cards to the "cards" to get them ready for the 500 "goody bags" that all of the croppin' participants will be receiving when they check in! WOO HOO!

I am really enjoying my new laptop! It is sooooo cool to be in the kitchen watching American Idol, giving the little ones their evening snack, while typing an update on blogger! Love that!

I will be tackling the final orders that I have outstanding tomorrow and Friday. SO, if you are expecting a call, you won't have to wait much longer! I need to get these wrapped up so I can focus on getting things ready for the Jasper Armory Arts and Crafts Show on 3/8 and 3/9. I am getting tired fast, that is all I know! If I can't get things together by this weekend, I may not do the Armory Show; the following weekend 3/1 is the CROP where I am selling Awareness jewelry to raise money for the Susan G Komen CROP for the CURE, so this coming weekend is all I have left to work on jewelry for the 3/8 show. Right now, I don't have enough to sell at the Armory to participate, so I might as well take that weekend off and relax if I can't get more ready before then!

I need to prep for next week's art classes before Monday, too. I have the projects planned, but not totally prepped and ready, SO I will need to do that before any more jewelry is strung and ready! How does that saying go...

So MUCH to do, So LITTLE time!

Tuesday, February 19


What the heck happened? GEEZ! Have I been gone that long? Let's see...... Hmm... Okay, so I spent Saturday day and all night making jewelry till 1:30am... Sunday, I taught a Sunday School preschool class, and prepped for Monday's art class. Oh, yeah! I went to Staples to get a color ink cartridge for my printer so I could print out an artist's "Color Wheel" for Monday night's class. Ok, uh, wait, no. That was Monday! GEEZ! Let's see. So, I stayed up all day and night SUNDAY making jewelry AFTER teaching the Sunday School class.

OK! THEN on Monday morning prepped for the art class, and then went to Staples to get the ink cartridge. THEN found a laptop I wanted. Then left. Then went back and bought it. THEN raced to Monday night's art class. HAD A BLAST! THEN came home and stayed up till 11pm getting software installed on it. THEN WENT TO BED. WHEW! I honestly think I fell asleep before turning off the light because I don't remember doing it! HA HA!

TODAY, it is Tuesday today, right? HA! TODAY I cleaned like a crazy woman. We had an appraiser come in to the house, long story there. But of course when someone like that comes in you don't want them to see it NOT CLEAN, so I cleaned from 7am to noon, took KayLee to preschool, came home, had the appraisal at 1pm, went to Walmart, came home, unloaded groceries, picked UP KayLee at preschool, came home, talked to Josh about school, took a shower, made supper, left for tonight's pre-school art class, HAD A BLAST, came home and FINALLY got on the internet and realized ......... TUESDAY!!!! I can't believe it! That "Great American's Day" holiday threw everything off!

TOMORROW: Teach PreSchool art class at 9am, take the kiddo's to lunch, come home, take a nap with kids! HA HA! I doubt that will happen! Anyway, I have sooooo enjoyed teaching these art classes! I can't even believe I get PAID to do it! What a bonus!

I will give ya details later! FOR NOW, I HAVE TO GO TO BED! I am EXHAUSTED!

Saturday, February 16

Awareness JEWELS!


Well, I haven't done much. Didn't get much accomplished at all today. EXCEPT get a great dye-job at the salon! THANKS, LINDSAY! She also styled my hair differently than I normally do, too, so that was ultra cool! I actually did get work-related stuff done, just not jewelry. I had to make a sample of each item that I will be selling at THE CROP, so that I could make a picture to make into a postcard to put into 500 Goody Bags at THE CROP! Geez! So, I finished my items, finished my photography, finished designing my postcards and ordered them Priority, so they will be here ASAP. I will go see if I can find a jpeg for you all to view.

ANYHOO, I will be beading my little fingers off tomorrow and prepping for Monday's art class as well. Other than that, it looks as if I have a TON of stuff to do~jewelrywise. I have my work cut out for me, that is FOR SURE!

Blessings on your evening!

Thursday, February 14


MAN! The last 36 or so hours have made me weak! The kiddos didn't have school yesterday due to inclement weather, so I got to use them to my advantage by having them clean up the basement of all their toys and clutter. Josh babysat while I cleaned like a crazy woman, and he also helped me price all of my scrap-stash for Tiffany's scrap-swap-yardsale last night.

I managed to get everything from stamp sets, baby albums, stickers and more packed in the van just to turn around and unpack it all at her house 30 minutes later! Oh well, I hope some gals found some things they feel they could use in their own scrap-space. It was difficult to part with some items, but I figure, why not spread the love? I could have kept more than I did, but that just gives me an excuse to get more later! HA HA!

Just before heading home, one of my friends (CHAS!) managed to get her van stuck in Tiffany's now muddy yard. So, Tiffany, Kelly and I heaved and ho'd to get her out, but no luck. Had to call the neighbor to come get her out finally! So, that made the evening quite interesting and one of those moments that you will find yourself laughing about when you are in the nursing home with nothing to do except watching gameshows and soap operas.

I began preparing for the weekend's beading bonanza. I have almost all of the items needed to get the Awareness Jewelry ready for THE CROP next month. I also need to prep a new project for the K-5th grade class since it was cancelled and we were making Valentine's Day cards. Can't do that next week, so I have to come up with something else for them on Monday. Should be an exciting and BUSY weekend, I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 12

Bummed BigTime

All three of my art classes have been cancelled. Understandably so. I removed a 1/2" layer of ice off of my van's windshield and hood today. It was very slick and shakey on my sidewalk and driveway as well. The kids had school cancelled today AND tomorrow already! So, no art class tomorrow either! I had a "wonderful" time calling all the kids' families to let them know that the classes would begin NEXT week. Everyone was in one way or another upset by the fact that the weather decended upon us in such a nasty manner that their class had to be called off. I was more upset that the kids were let down more than anything. Almost every single parent I spoke with said that their child was disappointed and had really been looking forward to the class... so we shall try again, beginning NEXT Monday at 6pm sharp!

Monday, February 11

3-5 year old's project

Quick post to show you what the PreSchooler to 5 year olds are doing in their class... that is if I don't get snowed out! UGH! I will be so upset if that happens! I will post the K-5th grade class (which is tonight) project tomorrow morning sometime. That snow better stay back!

This looks kinda tricky for little kids, but isn't. They are going to be taught warm (red, orange, yellow) and cool (green, blue, purple) colors and then collage some torn up papers on their first name's initial. Then I will cover it with the negative cut out from their monogram, glue it on a coordinating (warm/cool) colored background paper and add their name with rub-ons and let them punch a flower or two. I did my son's name here, since KayLee will be going this week with me. Some of the moms and dads are staying to help their own kids, so I won't have to do it totally alone, so it won't be bad at all! I can't wait to share my love for color and paper!

Sunday, February 10

Barely Alive!

Ok, so I am exaggerating... I am still not 100% yet. My "hunchback of Notre Dame" voice is finally going away, but slowly. So, I am mostly communicating via email right now. As much as I want to call my girlfriend who's hubby so thoughtfully took her away for the weekend as a surprise, I won't call for the details. Even though it is killing me to know, I will wait a day longer to converse.

Plus, I don't think it would be a good idea to scare all of the children at this week's three art classes! I have been prepping in between taking naps, resting with a DVD and soaking my feet. I love pampering myself, I should do it more often! I will be posting the projects for the classes AFTER the classes take place. I have some friends who enrolled their kids into my classes and I want the the kids to show the projects to their moms and dads first! Seeing them on this blog would just pop their bubbles!

Have a good evening... Gonna go rest up some MORE!

Friday, February 8


I had a few emails today since posting my new banner at left. Basically, for those of you who are wanting to know.... Being a Self Represting Artist/Jewelry Designer means that when you purchase jewelry (from a SRAJD Member) you are purchasing an item directly from the artist who designed and created it. You are supporting the artist and their talent in hopes that they keep creating! AND with ME, you can feel good knowing that you got the best price possible without a lot of cost being lost, as happens in retail markets, to the "middle-man"!

I guarantee MY artwork and YOUR satisfaction!

Merry Christmas, Mom!

Mom's beads finally arrived... she has been patiently waiting for nearly 2 months! She picked out her lampwork beads, so she had seen those, but I designed them into this smashing beauty! I emailed her the picture to get approval before I sent it, and she LOVED it! She will be able to wear this with ANYTHING! I was hoping she didn't like it so I could keep it... no such luck.

Thursday, February 7


Hey all, I am still majorly under the weather, so I haven't done anything of late. HOWEVER, my three art classes start next week, so I am prepping for those beginning today, ending over the weekend so I don't have to work on anything all day Monday before Monday evening's class. That way I can still use my Monday as Management Monday and clean, menu plan, run to the post office and do some shopping. I have to keep myself organized and scheduled or it all just starts to come together and I end up running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

I am going to go try a Day-Quil, my hubby says it worked for him very well last year, so I might as well give it a shot. I don't like doing meds unless I absolutely have to. I think I have come to that point now.... Hope you are getting ready for the weekend! It is JUST around the corner!


Wednesday, February 6


Sinus headache. A.K.A. sniffing until your brain implodes.... need I say more? SO, I dug through the archives and found this card I made for my sister's birthday a year ago. Click to enlarge and see all the purty layers and details. When I recover I will post something new. Pray that I live to see another day... HA HA!

Monday, February 4


All materials in my jewelry designs are of the highest quality available. I use only the best Lampwork, Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Pearls. (A few jewelry pieces do have copper findings instead of silver, which is always noted in the piece's description to avoid confusion.) I guarantee all of my designs! If you ever encounter a problem, please contact me immediately so I can remedy the situation!


Lampwork: All of the lampwork beads in my jewelry designs are handcrafted by lampwork artists that specialize in paying attention to detail and quality. I do not order through vendors, I would rather pay another artist for their talent! Lampwork beads are made by melting rods of glass with a torch, wrapping molten glass around a stainless steel rod, called a mandrel. Once the initial glass bead is accomplished, skinny glass sticks, called stringers are then melted to add the bubbles, swirls, flowers, dots, etc. These details are either melted INTO the base bead, or are just applied and then left alone to be a 'raised' detail on the bead. Using different colors of glass gives the beads an almost painted~effect. During the creation of a lamped bead, glass temperatures reach well over 900 degrees Fahrenheit! Once the bead is decorated and considered finished by the lampwork artist, the bead is then placed in a computerized kiln and slowly cooled over a period of 12 hours. This process keeps the bead from cooling too quickly and ensures the bead will be durable and resist easy breakage! Aren't they lovely? I consider them to be miniature works of art, and is the reason why I LOVE incorporating them into my jewelry line.

Sterling Silver: ALL of the silver details in my jewelry pieces are sterling silver, NOTHING silver-plated is ever used. These items include toggles, balls, beadcaps, spacers, earwires/studs, stringing wire and even the more ornate sterling beads, known as Bali beads, are handmade in Bali, Indonesia. Also note that I use only seamless silver beads. This means that the smooth silver bead is made round and then soldered together at the seam. There are seamless-look silver beads available at a lesser price, but when placed under pressure they will split and fall apart at the seam. I use only seamless beads and the best sterling findings available so my jewelry will withstand regular wear for use everyday!

Swarovski Crystals & Swarovski Pearls: The Austrian Swarovski Company has been a leading manufacturer of cut crystal since 1895! They are known to be the producer of the most brilliant crystals available in the world to date due to their superior cutting and polishing techniques. I do not incorporate lower-quality Czech beads than many designers use to keep their profit margin high. Swarovski Pearls are beautiful, natural-looking pearls whose coatings are resistant to scratches, sun-fading, perfumes and perspiration. These pearls will not peel like the coating on glass pearls. Each Swarovski Pearl has a genuine Swarovski Crystal as its' center core to give it added strength and sparkle!

Wire: All of my necklaces and bracelets are strung on a 49-strand wire! This cord is a miniature cable made up of 49 individual strands of wire, which are then twisted together and nylon coated for a smooth feel. This is the finest stringing-wire available and has a durable 24.9 lb. weight strength! This wire allows more flexibility and has a very high resistance to kinking, thus keeping your bracelet or necklace from falling apart!

Sunday, February 3

White Chocolate ~ YUM!

Doesn't this remind you of white chocolate? PERFECT for Valentine's Day, why not treat yourself? It's a'comin' (on order) and ready to be reserved JUST FOR YOU! Email me or leave me a post to consider it 'yours' ! You can pick out your Swarovski crystals colors and sterling Bali beads to have it custom~made to your taste! Come on over and design it with me! There's NO CHARGE for the design~time, I ENJOY spending time with my customers and friends!

Summer Florals for YA!

Does this set scream "SUMMER" to you, like it does to me?? I have to say, I can NOT wait to string these purty little things up! I may just have to do this set first so I can be reminded that spring is just around the corner! This 'trapped in the house feeling' SUCKS and I can't WAIT for the cold to go away! I blame my parents for this... growing up in Florida and Texas has made me hate snow! I love (heart heart) to LOOK at it, but HATE being amidst it! HA HA HA!

Pink & Brown!!!

This one is for Ms. Valerie... I remembered that she said she likes pink and brown. OR at least I HOPE those are the two colors she said! Either way, this one is a'comin' too! Let me know if you want to reserve it, as well!

Margarita... WITH or WITHOUT the salt?

I mentioned lime margaritas earlier... anyone like this strawberry-lime set of beads? I am thinking this would look HOT matched with a summery dress at a pool party or getting together with the girls for a GNO (Girls Night Out)! This set is being sent sometime next week! If you want to reserve this fantabulous set and come over and design it up with me... email me or post a comment here!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

So what? I am enjoying the SuperBowl for once! HA HA HA! Of course, no football has actually been kicked or thrown around yet, but those commercials are F-U-N-N-Y! And spending time with Scott in the kitchen making buffalo wings, chile con queso and onion rings has been a blast!

I am NOW headed to work on a project for my lampwork artist/friend Jen who donated the Awareness lampwork beads for the silent auctions in March. She just had a baby, named ANDERSON, what irony, so I am going to make something for his room. I will post it when I get it done! I am also giving her a collection of my greeting cards as well. She likes paper crafts, but is just NOW starting to scrap since she had her first baby, of course!

Have a FUN evening.... OH, look at what I just picked up.... ANY TAKERS?

Friday, February 1

Spring Collection


I just ordered 16 new SETS of beads to design into some new fabulous jewelry pieces! They are sure to please any taste. From waterlillies to lime margaritas, there will be a style for everyone!! I am super excited to bring these to your new spring and summer wardrobes! They will be sure to add that finishing touch to any clothing ensemble! And, if you don't like them, just more for me to wear! HA HA HA! (I'm sure my hubby doesn't appreciate that!)

IF you would like to be able to see (and thus purchase) the finished Spring Collection FIRST before I post them online as available for sale, then PLEASE email me or post a comment and I will add you to my list of subscribers. ALSO NOTE that I will be putting out an electronic monthly newsletter beginning this month, too. Topics will include the 'up and coming' Anderson Arts items, information on jewelry and paper~crafts and just simple tips and techniques on lampwork AND paper for those of you who are interested in these styles of artwork. I may even add a scrapbook section, since as of tonight, I will be re-entering the scrapbook world with my friends, Kelly and Tiffany (links at left)! I have too many children and too many photos to NOT scrap them into keepsake photo albums!

While Anderson Arts mostly encompases lampwork styled jewelry, I can't deny my true lust for PAPER and RUBBER as well! SO, I am going to try to even it out a bit by dragging myself away from the beading side of the Hobby Room to the flip-side of stamping and paper more often!

Please email (addy at left) or comment on this post if you would like to receive my monthly newsletter "Access Anderson Arts" and/or be on the mailing list for the "Early Offerings Email" which will show pictures of the NEW items that will be available for purchase before public-posting!