Tuesday, February 19


What the heck happened? GEEZ! Have I been gone that long? Let's see...... Hmm... Okay, so I spent Saturday day and all night making jewelry till 1:30am... Sunday, I taught a Sunday School preschool class, and prepped for Monday's art class. Oh, yeah! I went to Staples to get a color ink cartridge for my printer so I could print out an artist's "Color Wheel" for Monday night's class. Ok, uh, wait, no. That was Monday! GEEZ! Let's see. So, I stayed up all day and night SUNDAY making jewelry AFTER teaching the Sunday School class.

OK! THEN on Monday morning prepped for the art class, and then went to Staples to get the ink cartridge. THEN found a laptop I wanted. Then left. Then went back and bought it. THEN raced to Monday night's art class. HAD A BLAST! THEN came home and stayed up till 11pm getting software installed on it. THEN WENT TO BED. WHEW! I honestly think I fell asleep before turning off the light because I don't remember doing it! HA HA!

TODAY, it is Tuesday today, right? HA! TODAY I cleaned like a crazy woman. We had an appraiser come in to the house, long story there. But of course when someone like that comes in you don't want them to see it NOT CLEAN, so I cleaned from 7am to noon, took KayLee to preschool, came home, had the appraisal at 1pm, went to Walmart, came home, unloaded groceries, picked UP KayLee at preschool, came home, talked to Josh about school, took a shower, made supper, left for tonight's pre-school art class, HAD A BLAST, came home and FINALLY got on the internet and realized ......... TUESDAY!!!! I can't believe it! That "Great American's Day" holiday threw everything off!

TOMORROW: Teach PreSchool art class at 9am, take the kiddo's to lunch, come home, take a nap with kids! HA HA! I doubt that will happen! Anyway, I have sooooo enjoyed teaching these art classes! I can't even believe I get PAID to do it! What a bonus!

I will give ya details later! FOR NOW, I HAVE TO GO TO BED! I am EXHAUSTED!

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