Friday, February 29


Beginning on August 18th, I am kid-free in the afternoon from noon till 4pm!! YEP, that is right! (Well, except for Fridays) I just signed up Isaac for 5th Street School's PreSchool Program! He will be going Monday through Thursday in the afternoon, when KayLee will be going to kindergarten, and Eli will be going for 1st grade all week. AND, to top it off, they ALL get to ride the bus home, and it doesn't drop off the kids until almost 4pm!!! WOO HOO, jewelry and crafts are going to be pumpin' out of this craft-room like crazy!!

I had intended on signing up Isaac for our church's preschool which is just two days a week. But then found out that our own elementary school had a preschool program, too. So, after checking into it and finding out that the school only charged $10.00 more for four days, instead of two, it was a no-brainer. Isaac is wayyyyyyy behind with his speech, so he could use being around other kids in the afternoon when KayLee will be gone for kindergarten and has noone to play with. AND I am going to make Friday afternoons "OUR" day and spend the entire time with him to keep encouraging his speaking habits.

WOW, just think of how much crafting I can get done in 16hours a week! My husband may just have to stop vacuuming and laundering over the weekends beginning mid-August, too since I will have more time to clean as well! I have never seen him smile sooooo big!

Have a super day and check back to see the Awareness Jewelry items (with prices). You can reserve one or order one if they sell out, but the prices are going to be 20% off just tonight and at the CROPS, so grab them when you can!

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