Sunday, February 24

K-5th Grade Project for Tomorrow!

Eli is proud to show off his new door-sign that will be made in the K-5th grade class tomorrow night! I am going to be explaining the properties of complementary colors... In other words "opposite" colors. And we will also discuss the way that color is used to express a mood or show "direction". As in this project, red means 'STOP' and Green is used to express 'GO'.

Did you ever notice that restaurants use RED in their interiors a lot? First and foremost it is used to give you the initial sense of warmth and welcoming. But, RED is also used to create that sense of "anxiousness: so that you want to get out of there asap, thus allowing MORE customers to frequent the dining room! If they actually wanted you to feel relaxed and stick around, they would use colors of blue, green or neutrals, which are more serene and calming; hence why those colors are used in places like hospitals and health spa's!

Color is just a fascinating thing to me; it can be used in so many ways for so many different reasons! COLOR ROCKS!

and the reverse side:

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