Thursday, February 14


MAN! The last 36 or so hours have made me weak! The kiddos didn't have school yesterday due to inclement weather, so I got to use them to my advantage by having them clean up the basement of all their toys and clutter. Josh babysat while I cleaned like a crazy woman, and he also helped me price all of my scrap-stash for Tiffany's scrap-swap-yardsale last night.

I managed to get everything from stamp sets, baby albums, stickers and more packed in the van just to turn around and unpack it all at her house 30 minutes later! Oh well, I hope some gals found some things they feel they could use in their own scrap-space. It was difficult to part with some items, but I figure, why not spread the love? I could have kept more than I did, but that just gives me an excuse to get more later! HA HA!

Just before heading home, one of my friends (CHAS!) managed to get her van stuck in Tiffany's now muddy yard. So, Tiffany, Kelly and I heaved and ho'd to get her out, but no luck. Had to call the neighbor to come get her out finally! So, that made the evening quite interesting and one of those moments that you will find yourself laughing about when you are in the nursing home with nothing to do except watching gameshows and soap operas.

I began preparing for the weekend's beading bonanza. I have almost all of the items needed to get the Awareness Jewelry ready for THE CROP next month. I also need to prep a new project for the K-5th grade class since it was cancelled and we were making Valentine's Day cards. Can't do that next week, so I have to come up with something else for them on Monday. Should be an exciting and BUSY weekend, I can't wait!

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Rick said...

What a way to celebrate Valentine.