Thursday, February 28

MAN, will it never end?

There always seems to be something getting in the way of making and posting the freebie! I have just 45 minutes left before I have to go pick up KayLee at preschool and have all of the kids home after school. AND Eli has wrestling tonight, so I am going to go RIGHT NOW and try to put it together and then post it later tonight when I can after supper!

Don't forget to vote! I am on the first page!!! I met my goal! BUT, I will only stay there as long as you vote. You may wonder why this is such a big deal to me. Well, this is a way to gain exposure from individuals and companies looking for artisan jewelry to sell. I hope someone picks up my jewelry line someday.... so, until then, VOTE or else! HA HA! JUST KIDDING! I appreciate those who have supported me with their votes! And remember, you may not go away empty handed, you could just win the ITEM OF THE WEEK. Look for it tonight... for now, I am gonna go make it!

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