Sunday, February 24


I have been up since before 4am... ok, let me correct that... I have been AWAKE since before 4am thinking about all I have to do to get ready for the next 3 weekends' shows I am vending my jewelry at... then only to realize that I have only 40 bracelets/watches TOTAL for nearly 500 women. Hmm, do ya think I am under-estimating women's lust for jewelry? I think maybe.

While I do KNOW that I make pretty darn nice QUALITY jewelry, it is scary to order hundreds of dollars of sterling, watch faces, Swarovski crystals and pearls. Even if I estimate that only 10% of the croppin' supporters will want to purchase an Awareness jewelry item to support the CROP for the CURE, that is 50 people. And what if they want earrings AND a bracelet or watch? I only have 15 pairs of the earrings available! Poor planning or prudent spending? I don't know. I would not know what to do with 100 sets of Awareness Ribbon sterling earrings, if they didn't sell out! I know I can always order more and send them out to the ladies later, but I just know how I am sometimes... if it isn't available RIGHT THEN, I don't want to 'order' and 'wait' and deal with picking up/dropping off later, so I just don't bother.

If anyone has any helpful suggestions, please email me! I still have time to order more, and make more, just not sure if I should do it. I guess I can always see how the first crop goes on 3/1, and then order more for the crop on 3/15, of course the second crop isn't sold out like the first. I know how true scrappers are, too... they would rather take $25 and spend it on paper and ribbon than spend it on sterling, ha ha! So, depending on how passionate they are about their hobby I may even get stuck with the 40 items I have now! Oh, well, I guess this year will be a good test run for next year! Hopefully I will raise enough money that they will ask me back again to supply the gals with a new Awareness collection to choose from!


Tiffany said...

I would say go with what you have and take orders. That is about all you can do so you are not stuck with so much left over. It is always soooo hard to judge what will sell and what won't. I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...