Monday, February 11

3-5 year old's project

Quick post to show you what the PreSchooler to 5 year olds are doing in their class... that is if I don't get snowed out! UGH! I will be so upset if that happens! I will post the K-5th grade class (which is tonight) project tomorrow morning sometime. That snow better stay back!

This looks kinda tricky for little kids, but isn't. They are going to be taught warm (red, orange, yellow) and cool (green, blue, purple) colors and then collage some torn up papers on their first name's initial. Then I will cover it with the negative cut out from their monogram, glue it on a coordinating (warm/cool) colored background paper and add their name with rub-ons and let them punch a flower or two. I did my son's name here, since KayLee will be going this week with me. Some of the moms and dads are staying to help their own kids, so I won't have to do it totally alone, so it won't be bad at all! I can't wait to share my love for color and paper!


Alie said...

I love it! This looks like a project I will definitely do with my children. I'm sure they'll enjoy it, especially since they will be making their own name, ha!

Yours looks great, by the way. I have a son named Isaac also. Thanks for posting this project. :)

Tiffany said...

I just love it Nicole!!!!! I will definitly be doing this project with my kids!! Thanks for posting and Jordan was sooooo upset that art class was cancelled last night.

Anonymous said...