Friday, February 22

Voting 'HINT'

To find my ranking, you need to page down each page's ranking and click on the next page's number [2], [3], [4], etc till you find me. At the present time of writing this post, I am on page 4 at #65, I don't have my banner up on their site yet because I have been setting this up on my laptop which doesn't have any pics to upload. I will hopefully fix that today. THANKS for VOTING!

EDIT 1:01pm: I am now on Page [3], ranked #58... THANKS for the votes!

EDIT: 4:30pm: I am still on Page [3], ranked #52... but you still need to vote to be entered!

EDIT: 7:28pm on Saturday: I am on page [2], ranked #40! but you still need to vote and email me to be entered into the next drawing!!

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