Saturday, February 16


Well, I haven't done much. Didn't get much accomplished at all today. EXCEPT get a great dye-job at the salon! THANKS, LINDSAY! She also styled my hair differently than I normally do, too, so that was ultra cool! I actually did get work-related stuff done, just not jewelry. I had to make a sample of each item that I will be selling at THE CROP, so that I could make a picture to make into a postcard to put into 500 Goody Bags at THE CROP! Geez! So, I finished my items, finished my photography, finished designing my postcards and ordered them Priority, so they will be here ASAP. I will go see if I can find a jpeg for you all to view.

ANYHOO, I will be beading my little fingers off tomorrow and prepping for Monday's art class as well. Other than that, it looks as if I have a TON of stuff to do~jewelrywise. I have my work cut out for me, that is FOR SURE!

Blessings on your evening!

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