Monday, February 4


All materials in my jewelry designs are of the highest quality available. I use only the best Lampwork, Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Pearls. (A few jewelry pieces do have copper findings instead of silver, which is always noted in the piece's description to avoid confusion.) I guarantee all of my designs! If you ever encounter a problem, please contact me immediately so I can remedy the situation!


Lampwork: All of the lampwork beads in my jewelry designs are handcrafted by lampwork artists that specialize in paying attention to detail and quality. I do not order through vendors, I would rather pay another artist for their talent! Lampwork beads are made by melting rods of glass with a torch, wrapping molten glass around a stainless steel rod, called a mandrel. Once the initial glass bead is accomplished, skinny glass sticks, called stringers are then melted to add the bubbles, swirls, flowers, dots, etc. These details are either melted INTO the base bead, or are just applied and then left alone to be a 'raised' detail on the bead. Using different colors of glass gives the beads an almost painted~effect. During the creation of a lamped bead, glass temperatures reach well over 900 degrees Fahrenheit! Once the bead is decorated and considered finished by the lampwork artist, the bead is then placed in a computerized kiln and slowly cooled over a period of 12 hours. This process keeps the bead from cooling too quickly and ensures the bead will be durable and resist easy breakage! Aren't they lovely? I consider them to be miniature works of art, and is the reason why I LOVE incorporating them into my jewelry line.

Sterling Silver: ALL of the silver details in my jewelry pieces are sterling silver, NOTHING silver-plated is ever used. These items include toggles, balls, beadcaps, spacers, earwires/studs, stringing wire and even the more ornate sterling beads, known as Bali beads, are handmade in Bali, Indonesia. Also note that I use only seamless silver beads. This means that the smooth silver bead is made round and then soldered together at the seam. There are seamless-look silver beads available at a lesser price, but when placed under pressure they will split and fall apart at the seam. I use only seamless beads and the best sterling findings available so my jewelry will withstand regular wear for use everyday!

Swarovski Crystals & Swarovski Pearls: The Austrian Swarovski Company has been a leading manufacturer of cut crystal since 1895! They are known to be the producer of the most brilliant crystals available in the world to date due to their superior cutting and polishing techniques. I do not incorporate lower-quality Czech beads than many designers use to keep their profit margin high. Swarovski Pearls are beautiful, natural-looking pearls whose coatings are resistant to scratches, sun-fading, perfumes and perspiration. These pearls will not peel like the coating on glass pearls. Each Swarovski Pearl has a genuine Swarovski Crystal as its' center core to give it added strength and sparkle!

Wire: All of my necklaces and bracelets are strung on a 49-strand wire! This cord is a miniature cable made up of 49 individual strands of wire, which are then twisted together and nylon coated for a smooth feel. This is the finest stringing-wire available and has a durable 24.9 lb. weight strength! This wire allows more flexibility and has a very high resistance to kinking, thus keeping your bracelet or necklace from falling apart!


Linda said...

Nichole, Do you have a link to your jewelry gallery? I am new to your site but I am wowed by your artistry. I would love to see more of your pieces.

Charlene said...

Fabulous, Nicole. I'm going to link you on my blog. Such creativity and beauty should be shared.

Nita said...

love the bracelet show today on your blog.
great blog too.


Cher said...

yes...that bracelet is awesome! wanna raffle that one off? LOL..just get me a link to your jewels...VEWWYY PWETTY my dear! Cher

K said...

Gorgeous lampwork, I wish to learn that SOOOOO much!
Bye, Kitty