Sunday, February 24

PreSchool Art Class for Tues/Wed!

My little cutie, KayLee, is sportin' this week's preschool project (and some new dangly earrings made by myself)! This is really fun and simple to do, but a little messy as we are water-color painting. This is so easy, I can't even believe it myself. Coffee Filters! YEP, that is right, good ol' coffee filters! You cut them into the shape you want (fish) you lay them on the paper that you want "painted" and you then proceed to load up the coffee-filter-fish with paint. Once the fish is saturated with paint and water, you dab the excess water off with a paper towel, and lift the fish off. VOILA! A painted fish shape remains! Most wonderful thing about this is that the paper dries relatively fast, so you can make some fish, put them aside and cut them (when dry) and then adhere them with some pop-up dot stickers to give them dimension... How cool is that? Add a little black marker for eyes and fins and you are DONE! OH, I forgot to mention that all you need is ONE coffee filter per child! I just used the same filter over and over until I had a school of fish!
One more thing, if you click to enlarge the picture, that is NOT a bogie hanging out of her nose! She scratched up her nose somehow and has a scab or two on it! Poor thing! I kept telling her all day to wipe her nose!! HA HA!!!

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