Sunday, November 30

Sunday and I am done, well... almost!

Howdy Evenin' peeps!

I finished up this weekend's Armory show this afternoon, and man am I POOPED! I can't tell ya enough how I enjoyed meeting everyone today! I sincerely HATE the whole 'getting ready' for shows, but boy do I have fun when I am there! I have one more show next weekend... and THEN I will be done with the shows until Spring! So, I am nearly there! Shows are a lot of work!

The temperature was bad ( a bit too hot to most ) but the lighting was even worse! Everything was yellow-tinged and my hair looked GREEN! HA HA! But, all in all, we had a super time! Scott returned with the kids around 7pm and KayLee and I sat down and had 2-minute eggs again! It was so fun! She had three eggs and three pieces of toast... what a hog! HA HA! I am glad she likes them, she is so small that she needs as much nutrition as she can get! Eli said that the two-minute eggs looked yucky, but when I offered him a bite, he was more than eager to try them. AND of course he LOVEDDDDDDDDDD them! (He wants them for his after-school snack tomorrow, he told me already!)

Anyhoo.... I better mosey and get things ready for tomorrow! I have a super busy day planned with appointments at noon and 2pm, so the whole afternoon is going to be swamped!

Don't forget to check out SHEETLOAD OF CARDS tomorrow! The December issue will be up and running tomorrow morning! OH, and guess who just might be on the cover with her 4-5 HOUR CARD???? Um Hum, that just might be MOI! I am not sure, so I will find out when you do!

Enjoy the rest of your night!

Saturday, November 29

Black Friday

.... didn't happen!

I slept in until a WHOLE 7am and then got up and made my To-Do list for this weekend's show. After almost having a coronary, I got started on the loooooong list and got everything finished at 9pm, WHEW! Glad I worked up until 9pm because the last final thing I made last night was the first thing sold today! (Thanks, Cheryl!)

Today's show was SUPAH GREAT!

I met a lot of new crafters and one special artist, Katie. She is really talented and has a keen eye for mixing and matching patterns and color in custom totes and aprons and anything else sewing-related!

I took a friend out to supper tonight for her birthday......

HAPPY BIG "Three Three" BIRTHDAY CHAS!!!! {Enjoy the Velvet if you can! LOL!!!}

.... And now I have to go work on some orders for tomorrow! BUSY BUSY! Thank you to all of my new customers and friends! I really appreciate your business and hope you enjoy your new BLING!

See ya'll tomorrow!

Thursday, November 27

Please Watch - Final Thankful Thought

If you are like me and have a stash of cards that are doing you NO GOOD in a drawer, please consider this....

Thank You, Gina K, for supporting, and also for reminding us exactly WHAT and WHO we should be really thankful for. FREEDOM & THE SOLDIERS who are making sure that we CONTINUE TO HAVE IT.

Happy Thanksgiving NIGHT!

I hope this is finding everyone stuffed and content with pumpkin pie & whipped cream!

I made more jewelry today and spent the entire day watching USA channel! They had a HOUSE MD marathon! WOOOHOOOOO! I LOVE HOUSE! I saw quite a few episodes I had never seen before so it was quite fun!

Josh is at the movies with his dad and Scott called to tell me Happy Thanksgiving, which I thought was especially sweet! I am going to pull an all-nighter (after I take a nap), making items for this weekend's show AND then heading out to shop at 5am! There really isn't anything I need to buy, I just LOVE to get in on the action! HEEHEE!

OH, almost forgot.... My thankful thought for yesterday (since I missed the post) is that I am thankful for an understanding hubby. He was really gracious to let me stay home (instead of going with him and our kids to his parents' house) to make more items to sell at the show this weekend. He didn't make me feel an ounce of guilt, so that was really nice. I am sure he also hopes that I make a 2K killing like I did last year so that I can get a little bit more out of debt with my business expenses, too, but that is okay! At least he is being somewhat supportive, right?

I am very thankful that he does what he can and tries his best to make me happy. Sometimes he doesn't achieve it, but I am sure he is not the WHOLE blame, if you know what I mean, wink, wink....

As for today, my thankful thought is......

I am thankful for my eldest son, Josh. Now that he is 18 (senior in High School), I look at him a tad different. I have given him a bit more leniency and a bit more room for him to do what he wants to do and needs to do as a man/adult, if you will. And, he has been holding his own. I haven't had to "PARENT" him as much as last year. He really has matured. I look at Josh and think back to when I was his age. I was pregnant when I was 18 1/2 or so, the same age he is now. Hard to believe. I have been able to let go of the apron strings a bit and so has he. And although that makes me sad, I am happy, too.

He has really turned into a great person. A delightful young man. He listens to my suggestions on parenthood, he listens to my advice on women, he pays attention to the way Scott treats me AND more importantly, he thinks about how God looks at him.

I know my time is limited with him now. All too soon he will fly the coup and find himself a girl, possibly a wife and have children, too. I really hope he does find it within himself to push away the barriers and is able to share himself with a sweet girl that is worthy of him. He is so scared of being hurt, it is going to take a patient soul to stay with it. But, BOY, will it be worth her while, too.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope everyone had a SUPER DUPER day!

Blessings to all of you!

Tuesday, November 25

Thankful Thought for today 3

What a DAY! WOW! Man, I never waited in line at Wal-Mart as long as I did today! I was IN LINE to check out from 1:35pm to 2:20pm!! YEP, that's right people, do the math! That is 45 minutes in line! And I counted, there were only four people ahead of me in line! ALL of the lanes were this slow. All of us shoppers in the lanes next to me were laughing saying we were going to have a "race" to see who could get to the parking lot first! HA HA!

Before checking out, every single aisle in the store had at least ONE cart or shopper in it! It seemed like it was Black Friday already! But, seeing as how I didn't have any eggs, bread, fruit, veggies or cereal, it was either go or starve!

Besides that, I kept busy in the morning by finishing taking photos of my cards for Monday's debut of the December SHEETLOAD OF CARDS issue! (Can you believe that December is this close upon us? This year has just flown by!) So, now that I got the okay of being done with that, I need to focus on tomorrow! UGH! Another full day! I have to take KayLee her cupcakes for her class' Fall Party, drop off Isaac at PreSchool at noon and then go pick up Josh's senior pictures after that! When I get home I have to put all of the kids' pictures together to get ready for them to travel to Scott's parents' house for Thanksgiving. Then I have to finish washing, drying and packing all of the clothes!

Yeah, F U N .

But on that note, let it be said that I AM THANKFUL for family! Although I don't see many of them at all very often, I do appreciate what little I do have! I only have one sister and my parents live in the same town as her about 6 1/2 hours away, but we stay in touch often. Or at least they try! I am either hardly ever home to pick up the phone, can't hear it over the kids' screaming or just can't get to it in time! ((which brings to mind, mom left a message on my answering machine while I was stuck at Wal-Mart.... YES, MOM, that is fine what you got Eli for Christmas!!)) I am also grateful to have Scott's family, too. They are great people and love our kids so much, too!

Well, I gotta get off the computer now, Scott has a webinar at 9pm, so I better move it or lose it!

As one of my newest customers, Janette, said to me today in an email....


Prayers for Gina K's dad

Just a quick post. If you read this, please STOP and say a prayer for Gina K and her dad. He's in the hospital and they could probably use some prayer support!

This weekend's SHOW HOURS!

Good Morning, PEOPLE! A reminder of sorts of this weekend's show!
Jasper Armory Arts & Crafts SHOW!
Bartley Street (next to the city pool)

SATURDAY: 10am to 5pm
SUNDAY: 10am to 4pm
I hope to see you there!

Monday, November 24

Thankful Thought for today 2

OHMYGOSH! Is this not the most hilarious thing EVAH? HA HAHAHAAWWWWW!!

Funny what you can find when you google "thankful thoughts" and then click on IMAGES!

As for today and my thoughts coming to mind today......

I am so thankful for wonderful friends. Friends that I can call to pick up my kid at school when I have dye in my hair at the hair salon and Josh's car dies at the highschool keeping him from picking up his brother (THANKS AMY!).

Friends that I can call with medical questions, like "what do you do when your kid's forehead has a gooseegg bump from running and falling INTO the corner edge of a doorframe?" because they work in radiology at the hospital (THANKS KELLY!).

AND especially cyber-friends that I can share "ALL" with! They haven't really known me all that long and STILL like to get my emails and reply EVERY SINGLE TIME! (THANKS ROBBI, FERAH, ALICIA, KRISTEN, JENMARIE, DENISE, CAMMIE, KATHLEEN, SHERRY, SHARON, CINDY, JODY!)

Of course there are a lot of gals that I haven't mentioned above that are SUPAH FRIENDS to me and that I would give my right arm for! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Besides my friends, I have to say that my customers over the past year have really been so crucial these past 12 months. They have given me more than financial support. They have provided me with encouragement, pats on the back and more belief in myself than I have ever had in my life. Knowing that in just one year I have achieved great business success with regular orders and income, and that I have a great customer base reaching from Florida's Atlantic coast to California's Pacific and numerous states in between, makes me feel like I am making a difference somehow. And that is a good thing I think!

So, with all that being said...

THANK YOU, FRIENDS! THANK YOU, CUSTOMERS (who are really friends, too!) I appreciate you all so much!

See ya'll tomorrow!

The Four (more like FIVE) Hour Card!

You will see it on MONDAY! Actually there are TWO cards, but the first one took forever! You will see why on Monday when SheetLoad of Cards releases their December issue! I am supplying the ezine with just card 'ideas' this time to another artists' sketch! I have switched up the sketch in two different directions! WOOHOO, how exciting is that? HA HA!

I thought I would share some pictures of me working under pressure! Here's my "BUSY" desk while I was working about an hour or so. What a freakin' mess!

Here's a closeup shot of the actual mess.... If you click on the pic you will get a sneakpeak of what is coming on Monday at SheetLoad of Cards!
These are ALL of the COPIC markers that I used on just ONE (!!!!) card! Now do you see why it took nearly five (or more?) hours!?

Here's a closer look at some of my supplies that I used today on the first card only!

ANNNNNNND, if that isn't all! If you click on the first picture and look in the lower left hand corner, you will see Stampin' UP!'s new triple heart PUNCH!! WOOHOO! I just got that in last WEDNESDAY! It will be coming in December in a special bundle that includes a stamp set and their new paper set Candy Lane (Valentine's inspired bundle). OH and that is not all! You will be able to pick it up at 20% off for a limited time only!
Another post in a bit!

Sunday, November 23

Just checked the calendar...

UGH, I was checking the calendar just now because I knew I had a 2pm appt tomorrow and couldn't remember what for... when I noticed that I missed out on telling one of my friends....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, Amy! You know me and this time of year and it doesn't help that KayLee was sick all last week! I forgot two appts both on Wednesday, so you aren't the only one!
I hope you had a great birthday! BIG HUGS FROM HERE!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA!

Thankful Thought for today

YO FOLKS, it is Sunday night and I have been plugging away at the jewelry all day long! I am totally wiped out! Tomorrow is going to be MORRRRRRRRRRRE fun because I get to play with paper! It seems like I pull my best work out at the last minute of a deadline, so I will be getting some things done tomorrow for Sheetload of Cards' next issue!

Seeing as how Thanksgiving is just four little days away, I thought I would post some things that I am thankful for right now.

Not all of you know that I had a mamogram and a chest xray done a couple of weeks ago, but just Friday had confirmation that there is nothing "questionable" going on now. That does make me feel so happy, but at the same time makes me wonder why I have been having some isolated pain. It has now gone away in its' entirety, so if it re-surfaces I will head back for more testing, maybe an ultrasound next time. But for now, I am thankful to be able to not worry like I had been for a select five days.

I am also thankful that KayLee has finally gotten over her fever and sore throat and will be headed back to school tomorrow. She's excited, too!!

I am SOOOOOOOOOO thankful that I got the kids' Christmas shopping done (for the most part) this weekend, that way I can focus on the reason for the season!

Josh's grades at school are climbing with each report card, so I am grateful that he has really pulled together some determination within himself to get'r done his senior year!

Final thought for today is that I am thankful for my hubby and that my hubby has a career that allows me to stay home and be there for KayLee when she is home from school three days in a row. Or where I can go shopping and spend an easy $500.00 on some much needed clothes and shoes. Know what I mean? There is nothing that any of us should be more thankful for than that of security, love and support. (don't get me wrong, I have my moments with Scott, believe me!, but for the most part, I got the better end of the deal in this marriage. That is something that I continue to strive to make better about myself, so that one day maybe Scott will actually think that he is the one who got lucky with me!)

I am going to post a few more things over the next few days that I am thankful for, but until then, please post the same on YOUR BLOG or comment here of things that you are thankful for, too! AND challenge others who read your blog to do the same!

See ya'll tomorrow!

Friday, November 21

Gift in a Bucket

I just found this on Debbie Olson's blog and remembered that I posted this type of bucket earlier this week, that Prima sells. Isn't this a SUPAH gift idea? Debbie Olson is sooooo crafty, you should check out her blog when you have some time to sit down and browse! She has some great gift ideas and card techniques!

KayLee is still home sick, so my postings will be limited today. She just loves to snuggle when she doesn't feel well. Who doesn't?


Wednesday, November 19

NEW High Quality Cardstock at GINA K!

One of my favorite artists posted a comparison of two white cardstocks using COPICS on them. Check out Jody Morrow's blog to see the tutorial and also see where to find the new GINA K cardstock. It is 120lb and smooth and she noted that the COPIC didn't bleed through to the backside of the paper, which I know may be a pet peeve with some of you peeps out there (Ferah, Robbi, Cindee!)!

I just thought I would let you know about it! Jody is soooooooo talented and makes the best cards EVAH so be sure to check out her blog while you are there, too!

Gotta go take KayLee to the doctor, she's home sick with strep, I think! Later! ETA: KayLee doesn't have strep, just a typical cold! We are going to enjoy the rest of the day together while Isaac is at PreSchool! YEA!

Tuesday, November 18

Prima 8


These are the infamous GOT FLOWERS that Prima really got to be known for, in my opinion! The glorious glass bottles with the bundles of gorgeous paper-flowers inside, just makes me tear up! HA HA!

This first set is GOT FLOWERS A: $84.00 for all 12 bottles! The variety of colors is awesome! I have this set and LOOOOOOOVE IT!

This second set is GOT FLOWERS B: $84.00 for all 12 bottles again! GORGEOUS!! I have this set, too, and use it just as much as the one above. These Got Flowers and the below Crazy Daisies and Got Daisies are my absolute favorites, along with the Essentials boxes!
This one is GOT FLOWERS SEASONAL: again at $84.00 you are getting so many fabulous colors! A vast array of Prima Happiness!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the PRIMA PARADE!
Now go out and get yourself some Prima TODAY!

Prima 7

Crazy for DAISIES!!! I love this set! I have it and use it alllllll of the time! There was a second set of daisies like this one, but in different colors, but they don't have it offered anymore. Must have sold out of it! When you snooze, you lose, so I am glad I got the other set when I did!

This first set is DAISY CRAZY: $78.00 for all 12 different tubes of colors! This set is less expensive than the one below because this are in plastic containers. At least that is why I THINK they are less. Plus, I honestly think that these hold more flowers than the glass bottles do AND they are lighter-weight to take along to scrap retreats!

The next post has GOT FLOWERS posted on it. Well this set is appropriately called GOT DAISIES? Similar with glass bottles instead of the plastic ones like the CRAZY DAISIES set above.

GOT DAISIES is $84.00 for all 12 different bottles of daisy shaped flowers in a wonderful array of colors! I don't have this set yet, but aspire to! HEE HEE!

This set is called ESPRIT: $84.00, again for all 12 bottles of different colors, sizes and shapes! I wish I had this set! I LOVE the dots!! I don't know if these are glass or not, but they look plastic to me.

Prima 6

I have never seen these in our local scrapbook store, but that isn't saying much! I NEVER go there! I have had so much going on with getting ready for the fall jewelry shows and just life in general, with four kids, that I can't even seem to get near that place! I do hope to get there soon, though, they have a Cricut Cartridge I want sooooooo bad!

ANYHOO... on a PRIMA NOTE: these are called CANDIES! Isn't that just the sweetest??

This is the GUMMI: $14.00 a bucket of flowers, ribbons and rhinestones...

This is the SUGAR: $14.00 a bucket of flowers, ribbons and rhinestones...

and last but not least, this is the TAFFY: $14.00 for the same, but in a different array of colors.

I love these!!!!!!!!!!!! Aren't they great?

Prima 5

MORE SETS! I love sets! HA HA! Those of you who work with more primary colors (if you have boys!) this first set is wonderful! I love the bold colors of this set!

SPRITES SET: $60.00 for all 12 boxes! That's just $5.00 a box!
If you love FELT, then this set is a "Must Have" for you! MOON BEAMS are felt flowers in all shapes and sizes! $36.00 for all 12 you see here! They are smaller tins, of course, I mean, they would have to be at $3.00 a tin! But what a bargain! For felt especially!

CROWN JEWELS SETS!!!!! These sets have more than just flowers, they have rhinestones and ribbon, all coordinating! ALL of five of these are $70.00 total. I know that sounds like a lot, but $14.00 for one set? That is a great stocking stuffer for sister or mom who scraps or a great gift for your scrappin' pals!

AMBROSIA SETS: I am not sure if I love 'em or not! What do you think? I am all about the bling, but hmmmmmmmm.... is it too much? NAH! HA HA! I don't know how many flowers are in each tin of these, but it would have to be more than just the six flowers you see at through the plastic. The price of $56.00 for all four sets, includes the tins, too!!! Ain't dey purty, Ma?

Prima 4

Some items offered by Prima, perfect for making Christmas presents look "PRESENTED WELL" when you give them!

Small 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" buckets: Just $3.00 each!
Larger 6" x 5" buckets: $6.00 each!!
And the Ornament Box set as shown: $25.00 for all five ornaments filled with the samplings of the items shown on the sides. I bought last year's Prima ornaments, and I have to say that I like this year's better! Notice the rick-rack??

Prima 3

AH!!!!!!! PRIMA!!!!!! I am in heaven! SETS of Primas make me even more happy! I love knowing I have "IT ALL" when it comes to things, I am a hoarder, I guess! Click on the pictures to see better detail!

This is Essential ONE: $48.00 for all 6! And these are 8" tall honkin boxes!
Essentials TWO: $32.00 for four boxes! - I have these Essential sets below, but not the one above, so I am going to get that next time! I have seriously used the crap out of these boxes and yet still have TONSSSSSSSSSSSS left!

Essentials THREE: $32.00 for four honkin tall boxes!
HEAVENLY TINS of lacey and snowflake-flowers! $42.00 for all six tins!

OH, and another RACK!!!! HAWAIIAN ICE RACK: $19.00 - this is another one of those airbrushed looking sets! ANOTHER MUST HAVE on my list when I get some next time!

Prima 2

More Primas on the Rack! BUT White racks this time!

White Rack 1: $29.00

White Rack 2: $29.00

Prima 1


What else can I say??? I LOVE PRIMA! If you have ever checked out my left-side column and clicked on the tab that says "HOBBY ROOM" where the magic happens.... you will see my lust, uh, I mean LOVE for Prima flowers! I just thought I would show some wonderful PRIMA offerings along with price. A little EYE-CANDY, if you will. I haven't had any time to use my paper flowers, so I thought I would share some items that I love and that I just bet you didn't even know Prima offered! Some are hard to find at smaller stores so this should be fun!

Aren't these RACKS the BEST??? I love them! Rack 1: $29.00
Rack 2: $29.00

Rack 3: $29.00

Rack 4: $29.00

This is what instigated this whole Prima Posting Extravaganza! I LOVE the primas on the RIGHT! OH HOW I LOVE THOSE! Almost look airbrushed! JUST $7.00 each bottle!


Monday, November 17


Here's the answer...... More blond! Ok, I am wanting HONEST opinions here! What do you think? Do you like the darker color of hair in my profile or this lighter color? I know what I think, but I want your thoughts first! Leave a comment or email me (addy in profile).


Wednesday, November 12

Halloween fun

I just went through some pictures that my dad took of the little ones on Halloween night. Isn't Eli just so handsome as Dale Earnhart Jr. Or is it Earnhardt? Oh well, he's cute! Obviously, KayLee is Ariel the Mermaid and Isaac is a colt, a baby male pony, of course!

I have been wrapping up orders, so I should post something more interesting soon! OH, maybe I will post the new ME tomorrow. I am going blond, unless I chicken-out!
Enjoy your night!

Sunday, November 9

Ribbon Storage!!

I have a new RIBBON STORAGE SYSTEM!!! I came up with this idea on Wednesday and worked on it a bit each day {between filling orders, volunteering my time at our church's fundraiser/turkey dinner and being the Special Person for Eli and KayLee at school on Grandparents/Special Persons Day}. I just finished hanging it (with honey's help) and just had to show you all right away!

And guess how much this cost me?? UNDER $13.00!!!!!! Can you believe it? A few weeks ago I had asked my hubby to build a cabinet of sorts (using this basic idea of spools on dowel rods, but in a 2x4 framing), but who needs the wood??? It would have cost me WAY more than $13.00!

I used my trusty sewing machine, some ribbon and dowels to make the perfect hanging ribbon corner ever! All of this is behind the door to my craft room! It is hanging just over 7 feet in the air, so if I need pink, I will need to whip out the chair to stand on! BUT let me tell ya, I GAINED SIX drawers of storage and got three bags of ribbon off the floor! AND if you notice, there is still room for NEW ribbon on either end of the dowels! WOOHOO FOR THAT!!!!!! Especially since I just got about 92 Yards of ribbon (for just $43.00!) from Jody Morrow's blog share, that I need to add to that additional room! ;o)

Gotta love ribbon! I haven't counted the spools (I am too afraid!), but according to my hubby, I probably have enough to last me for a while! HA HA!

Have a SUPAH Sunday!

Wednesday, November 5

SheetLoad of Cards NOVEMBER ISSUE!

I have been MIA on my postings lately because of the shows and because of family coming in to visit! SORRY!

I do want to remind you all to go visit the SHEETLOAD OF CARDS site to see their November issue! It is a great issue (of course they are ALL GREAT, IMO!) and has really sweet samples to inspire your creativity! Be sure to check out the VERY LAST PAGE of the issue to see two new ways to use November's sketch! AWESOME WORK, ALICIA & BARBARA!!



Good Morning!

After a collection of emails, comments and phone calls I feel I must clarify my post from yesterday about ABSENTEE VOTING. Please read carefully as to not be confused by what I stated yesterday and state now below.

ONLY WHEN a race (presidential, local, any) is A CLOSE ONE, do they count all absentee ballots. NOTE: If you voted prior to Election DAY, you voted as an absentee ballot.

What this means is:

Let's say there is a race and it is foreseen to NOT be a close one. Let's say we all knew 100% for a fact that we would ALL vote for "Mr. Smith" for office, and he would be expected to win by a landslide. ONLY THEN will absentee ballots not be looked at. WHY BOTHER, RIGHT?

I am very well aware that my vote counted for this presidential race, even though I voted the day before Election Day. This was indeed expected to be a close race!! And we knew that some states, like Indiana, were swing states. So that means that of course every vote would be counted, no matter how the vote was placed.

However, if it WAS OBVIOUS how Indiana would sway, like how California ALWAYS is democratic, there probably wouldn't have been so much attention to detail in scrutinizing the voting totals. SHOOT, not 10 seconds after the polls closed in California did they say Obama won the state! They hadn't even totally tallied up the numbers OR let even 1% of the precincts come in before they announced that Obama won!

So, are you following what I am saying??

I only posted (last night) what I did after seeing it on television on the news. The source who stated these comments was a court house employee of a local city. I can't remember if it was on an Evansville station, Louisville station or what, so my apologies for not giving you all more info on that. Maybe that person was incorrect. Maybe what that person meant to say is that PAPER absentee ballots (those who voted and SENT IN their vote because they were traveling, etc)are only counted when the race is a close one. I don't know!

I guess we will find out in four years. If Obama does a "smashing" job and we all love him in four years and want to keep him in office, and there isn't even a republican candidate to go up against him, then WHY would they bother counting the absentee votes if there really isn't a need to, right?

I apologize for flustering your feathers, if I did. AND if I am incorrect, then so is the court-employee in Louisville or Evansville! I was just reiterating what I heard; but never did I think that my vote didn't get tallied with everyone else's in last night's election.

I appreciate all of the comments and clarifications you have all shared! Don't you just love AMERICA!? The freedom to speak our minds ROCKS!


Tuesday, November 4

Show Results

Since a bunch of you have asked about the show...... well, it was slower than last year, but I did kind of expect that with the economy being what it is and all! I mean, a lot of us are still suffering from the recent price of $4.00 a gallon/gas, am I right?

At least the price of a gallon of gas has come down now! We have $2.19 here in Southern Indiana, what is it in your neck of the woods?

I will post some new things soon!


I voted yesterday! But, did you know that absentee ballots (voting early like I did yesterday) aren't even counted unless it is a close race???

YEP, I am NOT kidding. Thank goodness this is a close enough race that they WILL count the people that voted early!

I will never do that again. I mean, what if the race is just 1% off by 'what they consider close'? My vote would never be tallied!! AND, why isn't there some type of disclaimer at the door that says, "YOUR VOTE MAY NOT BE TALLIED IF YOU VOTE BY ABSENTEE BALLOT"???? I bet that would turn a lot of people away to vote ON election day, don't ya think?

Looks like it will be a long and interesting night! See ya tomorrow!