Saturday, November 29

Black Friday

.... didn't happen!

I slept in until a WHOLE 7am and then got up and made my To-Do list for this weekend's show. After almost having a coronary, I got started on the loooooong list and got everything finished at 9pm, WHEW! Glad I worked up until 9pm because the last final thing I made last night was the first thing sold today! (Thanks, Cheryl!)

Today's show was SUPAH GREAT!

I met a lot of new crafters and one special artist, Katie. She is really talented and has a keen eye for mixing and matching patterns and color in custom totes and aprons and anything else sewing-related!

I took a friend out to supper tonight for her birthday......

HAPPY BIG "Three Three" BIRTHDAY CHAS!!!! {Enjoy the Velvet if you can! LOL!!!}

.... And now I have to go work on some orders for tomorrow! BUSY BUSY! Thank you to all of my new customers and friends! I really appreciate your business and hope you enjoy your new BLING!

See ya'll tomorrow!

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