Sunday, November 30

Sunday and I am done, well... almost!

Howdy Evenin' peeps!

I finished up this weekend's Armory show this afternoon, and man am I POOPED! I can't tell ya enough how I enjoyed meeting everyone today! I sincerely HATE the whole 'getting ready' for shows, but boy do I have fun when I am there! I have one more show next weekend... and THEN I will be done with the shows until Spring! So, I am nearly there! Shows are a lot of work!

The temperature was bad ( a bit too hot to most ) but the lighting was even worse! Everything was yellow-tinged and my hair looked GREEN! HA HA! But, all in all, we had a super time! Scott returned with the kids around 7pm and KayLee and I sat down and had 2-minute eggs again! It was so fun! She had three eggs and three pieces of toast... what a hog! HA HA! I am glad she likes them, she is so small that she needs as much nutrition as she can get! Eli said that the two-minute eggs looked yucky, but when I offered him a bite, he was more than eager to try them. AND of course he LOVEDDDDDDDDDD them! (He wants them for his after-school snack tomorrow, he told me already!)

Anyhoo.... I better mosey and get things ready for tomorrow! I have a super busy day planned with appointments at noon and 2pm, so the whole afternoon is going to be swamped!

Don't forget to check out SHEETLOAD OF CARDS tomorrow! The December issue will be up and running tomorrow morning! OH, and guess who just might be on the cover with her 4-5 HOUR CARD???? Um Hum, that just might be MOI! I am not sure, so I will find out when you do!

Enjoy the rest of your night!

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