Tuesday, November 25

Thankful Thought for today 3

What a DAY! WOW! Man, I never waited in line at Wal-Mart as long as I did today! I was IN LINE to check out from 1:35pm to 2:20pm!! YEP, that's right people, do the math! That is 45 minutes in line! And I counted, there were only four people ahead of me in line! ALL of the lanes were this slow. All of us shoppers in the lanes next to me were laughing saying we were going to have a "race" to see who could get to the parking lot first! HA HA!

Before checking out, every single aisle in the store had at least ONE cart or shopper in it! It seemed like it was Black Friday already! But, seeing as how I didn't have any eggs, bread, fruit, veggies or cereal, it was either go or starve!

Besides that, I kept busy in the morning by finishing taking photos of my cards for Monday's debut of the December SHEETLOAD OF CARDS issue! (Can you believe that December is this close upon us? This year has just flown by!) So, now that I got the okay of being done with that, I need to focus on tomorrow! UGH! Another full day! I have to take KayLee her cupcakes for her class' Fall Party, drop off Isaac at PreSchool at noon and then go pick up Josh's senior pictures after that! When I get home I have to put all of the kids' pictures together to get ready for them to travel to Scott's parents' house for Thanksgiving. Then I have to finish washing, drying and packing all of the clothes!

Yeah, F U N .

But on that note, let it be said that I AM THANKFUL for family! Although I don't see many of them at all very often, I do appreciate what little I do have! I only have one sister and my parents live in the same town as her about 6 1/2 hours away, but we stay in touch often. Or at least they try! I am either hardly ever home to pick up the phone, can't hear it over the kids' screaming or just can't get to it in time! ((which brings to mind, mom left a message on my answering machine while I was stuck at Wal-Mart.... YES, MOM, that is fine what you got Eli for Christmas!!)) I am also grateful to have Scott's family, too. They are great people and love our kids so much, too!

Well, I gotta get off the computer now, Scott has a webinar at 9pm, so I better move it or lose it!

As one of my newest customers, Janette, said to me today in an email....


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