Tuesday, November 4


I voted yesterday! But, did you know that absentee ballots (voting early like I did yesterday) aren't even counted unless it is a close race???

YEP, I am NOT kidding. Thank goodness this is a close enough race that they WILL count the people that voted early!

I will never do that again. I mean, what if the race is just 1% off by 'what they consider close'? My vote would never be tallied!! AND, why isn't there some type of disclaimer at the door that says, "YOUR VOTE MAY NOT BE TALLIED IF YOU VOTE BY ABSENTEE BALLOT"???? I bet that would turn a lot of people away to vote ON election day, don't ya think?

Looks like it will be a long and interesting night! See ya tomorrow!


Tiffany Bauer said...

I did not know that!!! Thanks for the info, glad I took the time to vote today.

Hey, how did the show go Sunday??? I want to hear all about it!!!

JenMarie said...

I voted!

How'd the show go????

Anonymous said...

didnt know that either- bet some are ticked!! I voted today= Did Eli tell you they voted in school? I thought that was cute!!!amy

Kathleen said...

I voted by Absentee ballot too and I did not know that it wouldn't be counted! We had a really long ballot in our state (amendments, etc.) so it would have taken me forever at the polls to figure it out but I think I'll take the chance next time and stand in line. I want my vote counted!!