Tuesday, November 18

Prima 1


What else can I say??? I LOVE PRIMA! If you have ever checked out my left-side column and clicked on the tab that says "HOBBY ROOM" where the magic happens.... you will see my lust, uh, I mean LOVE for Prima flowers! I just thought I would show some wonderful PRIMA offerings along with price. A little EYE-CANDY, if you will. I haven't had any time to use my paper flowers, so I thought I would share some items that I love and that I just bet you didn't even know Prima offered! Some are hard to find at smaller stores so this should be fun!

Aren't these RACKS the BEST??? I love them! Rack 1: $29.00
Rack 2: $29.00

Rack 3: $29.00

Rack 4: $29.00

This is what instigated this whole Prima Posting Extravaganza! I LOVE the primas on the RIGHT! OH HOW I LOVE THOSE! Almost look airbrushed! JUST $7.00 each bottle!



Anonymous said...

OMG! Nicole- Ill let you know! Amy

Anonymous said...

OMG! You are a bad influence when it comes to flowers!!!! I can't decide! Any suggestions? Email me back! Chas