Tuesday, November 18

Prima 7

Crazy for DAISIES!!! I love this set! I have it and use it alllllll of the time! There was a second set of daisies like this one, but in different colors, but they don't have it offered anymore. Must have sold out of it! When you snooze, you lose, so I am glad I got the other set when I did!

This first set is DAISY CRAZY: $78.00 for all 12 different tubes of colors! This set is less expensive than the one below because this are in plastic containers. At least that is why I THINK they are less. Plus, I honestly think that these hold more flowers than the glass bottles do AND they are lighter-weight to take along to scrap retreats!

The next post has GOT FLOWERS posted on it. Well this set is appropriately called GOT DAISIES? Similar with glass bottles instead of the plastic ones like the CRAZY DAISIES set above.

GOT DAISIES is $84.00 for all 12 different bottles of daisy shaped flowers in a wonderful array of colors! I don't have this set yet, but aspire to! HEE HEE!

This set is called ESPRIT: $84.00, again for all 12 bottles of different colors, sizes and shapes! I wish I had this set! I LOVE the dots!! I don't know if these are glass or not, but they look plastic to me.

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