Wednesday, November 19

NEW High Quality Cardstock at GINA K!

One of my favorite artists posted a comparison of two white cardstocks using COPICS on them. Check out Jody Morrow's blog to see the tutorial and also see where to find the new GINA K cardstock. It is 120lb and smooth and she noted that the COPIC didn't bleed through to the backside of the paper, which I know may be a pet peeve with some of you peeps out there (Ferah, Robbi, Cindee!)!

I just thought I would let you know about it! Jody is soooooooo talented and makes the best cards EVAH so be sure to check out her blog while you are there, too!

Gotta go take KayLee to the doctor, she's home sick with strep, I think! Later! ETA: KayLee doesn't have strep, just a typical cold! We are going to enjoy the rest of the day together while Isaac is at PreSchool! YEA!

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