Tuesday, November 18

Prima 8


These are the infamous GOT FLOWERS that Prima really got to be known for, in my opinion! The glorious glass bottles with the bundles of gorgeous paper-flowers inside, just makes me tear up! HA HA!

This first set is GOT FLOWERS A: $84.00 for all 12 bottles! The variety of colors is awesome! I have this set and LOOOOOOOVE IT!

This second set is GOT FLOWERS B: $84.00 for all 12 bottles again! GORGEOUS!! I have this set, too, and use it just as much as the one above. These Got Flowers and the below Crazy Daisies and Got Daisies are my absolute favorites, along with the Essentials boxes!
This one is GOT FLOWERS SEASONAL: again at $84.00 you are getting so many fabulous colors! A vast array of Prima Happiness!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the PRIMA PARADE!
Now go out and get yourself some Prima TODAY!

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