Wednesday, November 5


Good Morning!

After a collection of emails, comments and phone calls I feel I must clarify my post from yesterday about ABSENTEE VOTING. Please read carefully as to not be confused by what I stated yesterday and state now below.

ONLY WHEN a race (presidential, local, any) is A CLOSE ONE, do they count all absentee ballots. NOTE: If you voted prior to Election DAY, you voted as an absentee ballot.

What this means is:

Let's say there is a race and it is foreseen to NOT be a close one. Let's say we all knew 100% for a fact that we would ALL vote for "Mr. Smith" for office, and he would be expected to win by a landslide. ONLY THEN will absentee ballots not be looked at. WHY BOTHER, RIGHT?

I am very well aware that my vote counted for this presidential race, even though I voted the day before Election Day. This was indeed expected to be a close race!! And we knew that some states, like Indiana, were swing states. So that means that of course every vote would be counted, no matter how the vote was placed.

However, if it WAS OBVIOUS how Indiana would sway, like how California ALWAYS is democratic, there probably wouldn't have been so much attention to detail in scrutinizing the voting totals. SHOOT, not 10 seconds after the polls closed in California did they say Obama won the state! They hadn't even totally tallied up the numbers OR let even 1% of the precincts come in before they announced that Obama won!

So, are you following what I am saying??

I only posted (last night) what I did after seeing it on television on the news. The source who stated these comments was a court house employee of a local city. I can't remember if it was on an Evansville station, Louisville station or what, so my apologies for not giving you all more info on that. Maybe that person was incorrect. Maybe what that person meant to say is that PAPER absentee ballots (those who voted and SENT IN their vote because they were traveling, etc)are only counted when the race is a close one. I don't know!

I guess we will find out in four years. If Obama does a "smashing" job and we all love him in four years and want to keep him in office, and there isn't even a republican candidate to go up against him, then WHY would they bother counting the absentee votes if there really isn't a need to, right?

I apologize for flustering your feathers, if I did. AND if I am incorrect, then so is the court-employee in Louisville or Evansville! I was just reiterating what I heard; but never did I think that my vote didn't get tallied with everyone else's in last night's election.

I appreciate all of the comments and clarifications you have all shared! Don't you just love AMERICA!? The freedom to speak our minds ROCKS!


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