Friday, November 30


If you see a set that you would like to reserve and have made to your specifications, please email me (address in my profile) ASAP. If you see something that grabs your eye and you have a vision of what you want it to look like, catch me quick! I plan on getting started on these tomorrow!

These were the ones that caught my eye in the shipping box first. I love this cobalt blue with swirls of yellow, purple, turquoise, cream and brown. I know there is a lot of color here and you would think that you wouldn't be able to wear these with much, but to me they incorporate all color tones and could wear them with anything! I might keep these, too! HEE HEE! Enjoy the rest below!


OKAY, I think I need to look into some photography lessons! These are just beautiful in person, they are a beautiful peachy pink and a really vibrant grassy green. The two small beads have a matte (not glossy) finish, and I like that because it adds some texture to the set.


GORGEOUS! I love these little things! They have the most beautiful colors in them. From a dusty pink to a deep eggnog cream and some smokey bluegray! I might just have to keep this set for ME! It is Christmas after all!


These are beautiful beads, seriously almost the exact same color as the paper they are displayed on. I use the same background in every picture to try and provide a consistant look to the blog, but I may just have to photograph these again on a dark colored paper so you can appreciate the frit work in thse beads!


This set here coordinates with the one below. These round, flattened style of bead are called lentils. I love the way this style feels on your wrist, they just kind of hug your hand! I might just have to mix up the two sets to get more bracelets out of them!


This set is probably one of my favorites of this order. I love the "frit" look. That is what this style of spotty colorations is called, I believe. You take a hot bead and roll it in crushed (colored) glass and reheat to melt in the colors and then there are sometimes reactions... COOL, EH?

I THINK that is how it is done, unless I have been mis-informed!


The swirls in these are a beautiful golden color with rust and cream on black. I couldn't quite get the picture to show the colors correctly on the monitor. THEN AGAIN, maybe it is my monitor!
ALMOST to the END! Keep Going!


Do these make you think of caramels or butterscotch?? YUMMY, I almost had to lick them and roll these babies around in my mouth! These pictures just don't do the colors justice, trust me.


Here is Numero Uno... I wanted to get some lampwork that was on the more neutral-side. So, I picked up a bunch of blacks, browns, creams and grays... However, I couldn't resist a couple that were on the colorful spectrum.

Here is a more formal set using black and white. I think I might throw in some red with these... Or maybe just keep it on the grayscale with Swarovski's Black Diamond or Crystal Satin colors. I think these are so elegant looking, what'cha think??

NEW BEADS have arrived!

Let me go grab the camera and take some pics and I will post ASAP!!!!!!

Thursday, November 29

The WORD is spreading!

I just realized that the keychains below weren't posted with prices. These two are $35.00 each. All sterling with some lampwork, Swarovski crystals and solid sterling key ring and chain. One gal who bought one of my keychains at the show this past weekend, showed hers to a friend... AND her friend called me! She ordered 4 keychains to be given as gifts for Christmas to the ladies in her family!

I told her why I thought it was a great gift. I was once given a keychain as a gift from a boyfriend. And although it wasn't sterling or any type of precious metal I know how I loved it and thought of him each time I used my keys. Of course I ditched it when I ditched him, but the fond memories I have using it when I was 'in love' (yeah, right!) still linger. And, honestly, if it had been made of sterling silver, I probably would have kept it. But the 'gold' had tarnished to a metal color, so I don't think KMart would have appreciated me trying to return it, do you think? HA HA!

Enjoy your night!

Getting into the Spirit!

Here is my KayLee two years ago when she was 2 at Christmas-time.
I ran across it and just had to share!

Almost the weekend, WOOHOO!

Happy Thursday to ya! I am actually getting stuff done. After I took KayLee to pre-school, Isaac fell asleep on the way home! SO, after I dropped off the Psalm's bracelet (finally, Thanks, Diane!) I quickly put him to bed for a nap when I got home. I am about to place an order for some things I need to get some custom orders started AND hopefully FINISHED next week! I really want to wrap up all of the custom orders by end of next week so I can get into the festive mood with the kids and start decorating (NO, I haven't done it yet!) making some Christmas cookies, trying out some new recipes, etc.

That is the good thing about working for yourself. You get to work and/or play when you want, as often as you want, how you want... Keeping in mind that you have to keep the customer happy and satisfied at all times! NOT a difficult task, if you ask me, I quite enjoy putting smiles on people's faces!

I need to go get started on a 'name frame' that someone ordered this past weekend. You know the kind, a long rectangular frame that displays a first or last name constructed with paper and embellishments. This gal knew of my paper crafting and asked if I could make one like the ones displayed by another vendor/friend of mine at the craft show. SO, since I had the frames already bought I happily agreed. I so enjoy paper crafting! It is amazing to me to find what you can create with a little imagination, some decorative paper, ribbon and good ol' rubber stamps and ink! I can't wait to do this project as it brings me back to my love of paper and gives me a break from the jewelry. THEN when I do get to the next set of beads I will have my mind all refreshed and ready to go!

OH, and on that note... The nine sets of beads were sent on Monday from Florida, so they should be here any day! They might even be out in my mailbox now. I looked too soon a bit ago and didn't have any mail at all.... so I KNOW that the postman didn't get here yet. I think there has only been one day in the past 6 1/2 years I have been married that we didn't get any mail! So, check back later to see the new sets!

Wednesday, November 28

Final Drop Off & MORE!

I dropped off my items at This Olde House, and the owner, Karen, quickly opened a couple of boxes. I could tell she liked what she saw, so that was really nice! I then decided to finally go to the bank to deposit my money from this past weekend's show... Do you know that the bank said they "couldn't" take my change at the drive-thru? She said it takes too much time. I explained that I had three kids in the car, one of the sleeping. Didn't matter. THEN, I looked around and noticed the other two lanes empty, no one even in line behind me. I drew her attention to those facts, and she said, "I'm sorry, it is our policy." I then enlightened her that this same bank took my change two weeks ago through the drive-thru with not ever alerting me of this policy. Again, she didn't budge. So, being "not happy" I left, went to the post office and went to the bank's north-side branch intending to only deposit the checks and paper-cash. Do you know that when I got there, good ol' Enrique says, "Oh, we can take your change, that is not a problem!" I told him about the other branch saying it was against their policy and he said, "Oh, we do it all the time!"

SO, WHO do you think is wanting to kiss Enrique through the glass now? Heh Heh!! I was never so thankful to a banker ever. What type of bank can seriously expect a woman with three kids, one of them sleeping, to unload them all just to deposit $19.00 in change? It's not like I had $65.00 in change! And there weren't any pennies!!!!!!!! AGH! I don't think I will be patronizing the south-side branch anymore, and someone may just get a call to his boss to tell them how he was so customer-oriented and helpful today!


Hi All! That stupid monitor blowing really put me off schedule! I haven't even had time to re-string a Psalm's bracelet for drop-off as I promised! UGH! Sorry, Diane!

I have officially run out of time to get my jewels to This Olde House. I still need to get everything tagged appropriately with my Consigner's number, price tags in the bags of Christmas Card Sets, etc. SO, I need to go get the kiddo's now, we are going to do our weekly visit to McDonald's Drive-Thru (if they were good at Geri's), then I will finish up everything and go to Karen's around 3pm. Sometime before or after I pick up Eli at Kindergarten I will drop off my jewelry and other items for your shopping pleasure!

Have a SUPAH afternoon!!!!!

Custom Birth Announcements

As you know, I love anything custom... I just made these for a little boy who was born in October. His first name is Anderson (my last name); his Daddy's name is Josh (my eldest son's name); his sister's name is Kayleigh (I have a daughter, KayLee) AND his middle name is Lee, my Dad's middle name, hence why we capitalized KayLee's name! Isn't that too weird?? I thought I would post these announcements. I didn't make them into cards, I made them as magnets, so that the recipient would actually keep it. Most people don't know what to do with birth announcements, so since there are only 18, I imagine the people who get it will be close family and friends who wouldn't mind putting it on their fridge or file cabinet at work. I made two color schemes, didn't they turn out good? Have a super day!

Sterling Keychains!!

Here are two keychains for you to oooogle and drool over. I had to finish some birth announcements last night, so getting these posted got pushed aside. That migraine has put me off track, plus I just had my computer monitor blow, so I had to take time to find an old one, hook it up and start back up again! GEEZ what a morning and it isn't even 10AM!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 27

Out with an afternoon migraine!

Hey there~Just a head's-up that I didn't make it to This Olde House today. I WILL for sure go tomorrow morning before noon. I was planning to go this afternoon, but after I picked up Eli and KayLee from their schools I had to lay down with Isaac who was taking a nap. My head was hurting something fierce and quickly turned into a mild migraine. My hubby came home just in time to give me some migraine medicine and I just got up (2 1/2 hours later) and feel somewhat better, but still slightly medicated.

Thank goodness I have a wonderful gal who watches my kids for just three hours on Wednesday mornings from 7:45am to 10:45am! That is all the free time I get, so I will make use of it tomorrow by taking my stuff to Karen's (This Olde House) and then checking with a couple of other places that may carry my jewelry. You can go check out Karen's anytime after noon tomorrow! She also has some really wonderful decor at very reasonable prices, in my opinion.

I had four people stop me in Wal-Mart and ask about 'Jasper' below. This is a normal reaction when I wear my lampwork bracelets. I gave everyone my card and told them to check me out here and also at Karen's this afternoon. I hope they read the blog and understand how I got under the weather, if they actually did decide to go to This Olde House!

I am off to finish healing my head and will hopefully take a pic of the sterling keychains when I feel back to normal. I kept one today for myself and also had compliments on it as well. All Sterling, all Swarovski, all HIGH quality lampwork; PERFECT gift for the mom-in-law or bestfriend in your life! JUST $35.00 for some major bling they will use everyday!!!

Blessings on your evening!

Jasper's Gold

Hey all! I figured I would post the bracelet I am hoping finds a new home today! I am headed to Wal-Mart, so I slipped this one on earlier to show off and hopefully sell! I normally do not wear the jewelry I intend to sell, (unless I need to double check how a pointy toggle feels when worn or something like that), but I am wearing a brown shirt with the exact same color in it as this bracelet, so I had to put it on. Everytime I put a new bracelet on, I swear I say I am going to keep it and not sell it. BUT if I did that, man would I be broke!

I will call this one 'Jasper's Gold'. Our Jasper High School colors are black and gold! It has a variety of browns, orange-yellow, amber and gold, and even a touch of gray. For as much color as it has, it actually is a very neutral bracelet that can be worn with a lot of different outfits! This one is yours for $72.00! I hope you like it!

Monday, November 26

My Apologies!

GEEZ, you know how I can ramble on.... I am so sorry for all of the long chatting in my posting lately. AND with NO pictures!! BORING! I didn't have the camera available to me for 4 days since my hubby had it with him out of town, hence no new pics. And, on that note, I haven't actually seen it return, so I sincerely hope he didn't forget to bring it home!

BUT, I just wanted to make a "POST" to tell you to keep scrolling down for pictures of bracelets that are still available, and some that are sold. If they have found a new home, they have "SOLD" added beneath their photo.

I just wanted to let you all know this, since I had a lot of people from this weekend's show take down my blog address and figured if I have any newbies logging on to lurk around I wanted you to know to SCROLLLLL DOWN!!!!

I hope those 9 new bead sets come in tomorrow! The mailman is like Santa to me! So, keep checking to see the new ones, they are just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a SUPAH evening! (I am going to see if I can spot the camera so I can get it charged up to take pictures of the new sets BEFORE they get made into jewelry when they come in!)

23rd Psalm Bracelet

Hi Everyone! I am busy today finishing up some custom birth announcements. I love custom-anything, you know. You want it, I will make it! HA HA! I really enjoy having an assortment of hobbies, it keeps it interesting!

I am going to post an item that I have in inventory. It isn't my typical Artistic Lampwork type of bracelet, but something that you may like to have for yourself or to give at Christmas. I have about 6 in inventory and don't want to keep them all for myself, so NOW is the time to sell them with the gift-giving season upon us! Email me if you would like one!

NOW, this one pictured below is actually MINE and has a toggle clasp; however, the ones I have in stock have a nice-sized lobster claw clasp instead. The style with the lobster clasp is $35.00. If you would rather have a toggle-style bracelet made I can do that as well, it is just $4.00 more. I do not claim to have designed this bracelet on my own. I have CASEd it (Copy And Share Everywhere) and sell it for a lesser price. I do know of other's that are selling the same "23rd Psalm type" of bracelet and theirs may be cheaper in price, but they are also cheaper in quality, as well.

I use only the finest Bali silver and sterling beads and toggles. NOTHING cheap-o in my style of bracelets, as you can see below. And, I might add that I found this in a catalog priced at $45.00, not including shipping and tax. SO, I have priced mine appropriate to the materials involved, as well as the time it takes to assemble, package and sell. I just want you to be mindful of what you purchase in sterling. Sterling itself isn't all that expensive. What makes my jewelry more on the pricey side is the lampwork involved. I have purchased lampwork from $3.00 a bead to $45.00 for, YES, JUST ONE, bead.

If you haven't seen it before, it is pretty self-explanatory. This bracelet is made of all sterling and Swarovski crystals. There are 10 different colored 8mm crystals that symbolize a part of the 23rd Psalm; as follows...

The LORD is my Shepherd (white); I shall not be in want. He maketh me to lie down in green (green)pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters(blue). He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the path of righteousness (clear) for His name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death(black), I will fear no evil: For thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff (brown)they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil (yellow), my cup (purple) runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy (pink)shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord (gold)forever.

Sunday, November 25


Hey gang, I just got home from the show with Josh, who stuck it out with me again. We unloaded and are taking a load off! Man, I need a nap! I am glad to have the shows over in a way, so I can begin to enjoy the holidays. I came across some wonderfully awesome recipes that I am going to try. Does Praline Pumpkin Cheesecake sound good? It is half-cheesecake on bottom, pumpkin pie on top and toffee (Heath bar crumbled) crunch on top, drizzled in hot fudge sauce! YIKERS! JUST PUT IT ON MY THIGHS NOW! HA HA!

I am going to get back into the swing of things and start some traditions with my kids that my mom used to do with us; like making sugar cookies and decorating them, making some ornaments, stuff like that. I think that is how I came across my crafty/artsy talent as a young girl.

On a business-note... I will be taking my jewelry and some other items to 'This Olde House' on 9th & Newton Sts. this week; and will also be confirming a couple of other places that are interested in my jewels as well. SO, if that pans out, I will let you know where else you can find my goodies. And, as always, if you would like an email when a new item is posted available for sale, just email me your address and I will get you on my mailing list. I will not spam you with other info, nor will I email you when I post a note like this one. You will just be "alerted", if you will, when a new item is up for sale. This may be one time a day to one time a month, depending on the season or when I find some beads I just have to buy and share with you all! My email address is on the left in my profile!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the day and a HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out and saw me this weekend and bought some of my crafts and jewelry!

Last Day of the Show!!

I had a totally SUPAH day yesterday at the Armory's Arts & Craft Show! I got to spend the entire day with my eldest, Josh, who is 17 1/2. I think it is so funny that he doesn't mind (and actually wants) to do craft shows with me, but then at other times he doesn't want to be seen with me picking him up at church or something like that.... He's so cute!

I had a wonderful number of sales and a bunch of people took my card to place custom orders or to call later. AND I got to spread the word about the beauty of lampwork! I love it so much! The attention to detail, the color combinations and the talent that goes into each bead just fascinates me!

After today, Karen Seufert who owns This Olde House on Newton Street, here in Jasper, will be displaying (and hopefully selling!!) my jewelry. Of course, I will not stop making cards and other PAPERRRR crafts; you know how I get bored! So, I will just switch from jewelry to cards to crochet to whatever tickles my fancy at the moment. Someone asked me the other day if I was ADHD! HA HA! NO, I just have always been VERY crafty and been creative since childhood. I get it from my mother, she makes quilts now, but in the past did stained glass and cross-stitch mostly.

Well, I will have to post again later. I need to go get my mojo mosey-ing to the show now. I have nine more sets of beads still in the process of coming to be set into jewelry, mostly earrings and bracelets. Necklaces don't seem to sell much, so I tend to stay away from those. BUT I enjoy making them if someone asks! So, you need to check back and get a glimpse of the new lampwork beads coming soon. They are an even different style of lampwork that I have posted (down) below; and they are mostly in browns, blacks, and neutral tones. SO they could go with just about any outfit! Have a SUPAH Sunday today and I hope you all come out to see me at the show!!

Friday, November 23

Gobble Gobble....

IS ALL I DID YESTERDAY! I just love pumpkin pie with whipped cream! My hubby and I took the three little ones (Josh went to his Grandma's on his Dad's side - I am re-married for those new readers out there!) to his mom and dad's for Thanksgiving. He stayed up there with the kids to visit, but since I have the art/craft show this weekend, it was a short trip for me. We got to his mom's about 12:30pm and I returned home about 12 hours later! Now that doesn't sound bad until you realize that his mom and dad live 3 1/2 hours away in northern Indiana!! But the food was worth the drive alone! Gobble Gobble!!!!

SO, needless to say, I am pooped. Josh and I got set up for this weekend's show out at the Armory today. I have tons of room since it looks like people around me cancelled. This gave me the ability to add an additional table and spread everything out! It makes everything look nicer I think, with the jewels not being so squished together. I am looking forward to it, but then again I can't wait for it to be over so I can start getting into the Christmas spirit with less stress and more play-time with the kids!

I made some new goodies today.... a couple of necklaces, some watches and some totally AWESOME (with a capital A) keychains. The keychains are even sterling silver! They are a steal. I didn't realize that the keychain itself was so expensive until I pulled the invoice. I should add on another 6-9 just for the keychain, I was way off in my guessing on that one! OH WELL, I am too lazy to pull them out and re-price now, I need to go to bed!!

I would post a keychain but my honey has the camera with him up north! The show tomorrow is 10-5pm, by the way! I will post a pic of one Sunday evening UNLESS they all sell by then! You better come see them before they are gone! Sunday's show is 10-4pm. I hope to see you all there!!

Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving! ONE MORE!

Here is a final beauty for you! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Honestly this photo doesn't show the different colors of purple as the bracelet actually showcases! There is a lavender, a plum and almost an eggplant color, with some blue undertones. I am going to take time off from the computer to get the final details done for the upcoming craft show this weekend. Email me if you need anything! OH, and on that note, this one is $76.00; HOWEVER, the first person to email me (address on left side bar in my profile) with request to purchase it, can have it for $65.00 just for Thanksgiving Day. After that it goes back to $76.00. Priority mail outside of Dubois County, Indiana, is $5.00.
Enjoy your day today!

Wednesday, November 21


I couldn't resist posting these two. Notice the different style of lampwork? Each lampwork artist has their own sense of style and composition. One day I love contemporary/abstract, then again sometimes I feel frilly and need florals! I hope you enjoy these!

This one looks "beachy" to me. All the turquoise and tan browns.... Mmm... I can't wait until SUMMER and it isn't even officially winter yet!
Love is in the details... Did you notice the purple colored dots that divide the large lampwork beads in half? OR how I alternated the Swarovksi's on each side? You need to see this one in person to appreciate the depth of the color and clarity. Lovin' it!!


Here are some new bracelets for you. They are able to be seen at the Jasper Armory this Saturday 10-5pm and Sunday 10-4pm! If you need directions, email me! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

This is a sister of Kathie's Awesome Amber. They came from the same French lampwork artist! I took the set and made them into two bracelets and a couple pairs of earrings! This one is yours for $72.00!

SOLD!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS, SANDY!!!!!!!!

This bracelet is just beautiful! If you are familiar with Swarovski crystal colors, I used the Erinite color on this one. It matched the lampwork PERFECT with a capital P! I love the softness of the blue-green color! This one is $63.00 and has a co-ordinating "TWIN" sister (below). AND since these have black incorporated in them, they can be winter bracelets as well! These would be perfect to give to a friend or sister and ALSO keep one for yourself to match!

SOLD, THANKS, AURETTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which would you keep? Which would you give to your best friend or mom or sister? This one is just $57.00! ALL STERLING, ALL Swarovski, ALL HIGH QUALITY that I am proud to put my name on!

Coming SOON!

I am working on getting to the camera and pulling out all of the newbies for picture-taking time. I will post some new items tonight! I PROMISE!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is a brief post to say I hope you enjoy your time with your family and friends whereever you are tomorrow! I will be out of town, I HOPE. I have a few things to do for this weekend's show, but should be able to get things done in order to ENJOY the trip to my in-laws. IF I don't get it all done today, I just might be celebrating Thanksgiving alone. Can you hear the violins playing?? HA HA!

I finished up the remaining bracelets with toggles but didn't whip out the camera. After I get all of the little stupid things finished (like paperwork, cleaning) I will be sure to take a pic or two or ten and will share with you the newbies! I love the new purple/plum/lilac one! It is FUN FUN FUN!

I made two more of the rainbow bracelets (pictured below) and gave them to my daughter's two preschool teachers yesterday. They just looooooooved them and kept oooo'ing and ahhhh'ing! I am still wearing mine and haven't taken it off since yesterday!! I still love it!

Well, I better go so I can enjoy the day OFF tomorrow! See you soon with some new items!

Tuesday, November 20

JUST Swarovski

I have a bling of a bracelet to share! I was lucky to have found the camera, I think Eli and KayLee were using it as treasure on a treasure hunt last night. I LOVE IT! It is not for sale, it is MINE! Hee Hee! I had a small piece of wire that was too long to trash and too small for a bracelet with toggles, which takes more wire, so I made myself this wonderful RAINBOW of a bracelet. I am lucky to have a really skinny wrist so I salvaged the wire and it was the perfect length for me. NO TWO crystals are the same color and the silver beads are itty bitty, but boy does it have a MAJOR BLING factor! What is funny is that I had even more colors that I couldn't fit on, so I might just have to make another one! I think I am going to wear this baby everyday, I LOVE it that much! If ya want one, I could make one similar but not exact. (ONLY $18.00!!) The crystals will most likely be different colors here and there, plus that makes it a one-of-a-kind item, you know!?! I have since added my signature charm and another dangle with more purple, but am too lazy to take it off and retake the pic. Maybe if I find some energy I will set up for a re-take and then also take some additional pics of the new ones I have done since last week. SO CHECK BACK!

NEW EDIT 12/18 : This is a SUPAH bracelet that goes with EVERYTHING! I am making these for all ages... and are perfect for any occassion. If you are unsure of the measurement you need, simply add 1" to 1 1/2" to the wrist measurement. 1" for a snug fit, 1 1/2" for a loose fit.

Monday, November 19

Kathie's Awesome Amber

Here you shall see an awesome bracelet! I LOVE this one, and was going to keep it, no problem, if noone snatched it from me. BUT of course, even before finished with a toggle, someone else who has a keen sense of style HAD to have it first! My friend, Tiffany, who had the fantastic retreat this past weekend, also had her mom and Grandma present; and her Mom, Kathie loved this one! I re-sized it a few times, but she finally has it in hand (or on-wrist!) to wear for the holidays!! Yea!

Thank You, Kathie! I hope you enjoy it as much as I WOULD HAVE!!

SOLD!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Kathie!!

Sunday, November 18


Oh my! I stayed up at the retreat until 2:15am!! GEEZ! And when I thought I was pushing my limits, I found out that three other girls stayed up till 5:30am!!! I hope they got a 3 1/2 hour nap like I did!

I got the basics done for my Christmas card. But I didn't like what I had available at the time for a sentiment or stamped image, so I just did the basics for the card and will add the rest next week after the next art/craft show that I am a vendor at over Thanksgiving weekend. I need to get ready for the show on Saturday and Sunday, but after that I will finish up my Christmas cards and get them sent out.

I had SUPAH fun at Tiffany's scrap retreat! We all scrapped at her mom and dad's shelter house, which is just off their real house. Now, I know you might have this impression of a past shelter house you maybe have gone into in your past... BUT believe me, there is nothing to a "SHELTER house" in this baby. This is basically a professionally decorated oversized blocked/bricked and stoned 4-5 car garage that had been built to accommodate ZERO cars. It has 3 garage doors that when opened are still 'screened in' to keep the bugs out. There is a commercial grade heater that blew off my papers on my workspace when it got too chilly and there was a custom made FULL kitchen, with all the appliances, including a dishwasher and built in fridge! WOW! I was so impressed, being a kitchen designer originally by trade!

There was a full bath, ping pong tables and built in "washers" (or wah-shoes, depending on where you are from) so you can play year round without having to miss out on family fun if it is winter or even just rainy!

We (okay, not all, especially NOT me) even had a zip-line where you could get harnessed in with a helmet, to boot, and then go about a length of a football field, hanging and sliding down a metal wire through the wooded, hilly terraine! I, of course, was chicken, and wouldn't do it, but I lived vicariously through the other gals who DID do it! What a super relaxing weekend, full of scary excitement and FUN!

Thanks to Tiffany, Tiffany's mom, Kathie who accomodated us at her wonderful SPA-LIKE location, and to the other girls who set it all up for us! What a wonderful time! I even enjoyed getting a chance to meet Tiffany's Grandma, who I just called Grandma of course. She is such a spit fire and is so full of attitude and knowledge. What a great woman! I will post something tonight or tomorrow, so check back asap!

Friday, November 16

R & R Retreat

Ahhhhhhh Friday! Don't you just love Fridays???? I have an exciting weekend planned! I am treating myself to some well-deserved time off and spending this weekend making my Christmas cards! A couple of friends of mine are hostessing a retreat and so I will be doing that for sure tomorrow and depending on whether or not my lamp beads make it in from California tomorrow in the mail... I may just keep scrappin until Sunday afternoon! I used to make a HUGE deal out of my Christmas cards, but this year I have decided to make fewer "awesome" ones and more of the "simpler" ones. That way the immediate family get nicer ones and I can then take the rest of the time making MORE of the simpler ones, hence being able to send out more!

I think it sounds like a good idea!

As for stringing beads today... I have all of the remaining sets in bracelets and earrings now, minus the toggles for the bracelets. I am waiting on those to come in yet, but they are all strung and ready. And, MAN, I made some beauties, if I do say so myself! These can't help but be pretty since the beads and crystals are beautiful all on their own, and all I do is add some silver here and there. Sometimes getting the balance just right is time-consuming, but it always ends up working out eventually! Then once I get going, they all just seem to flow together real fast!

It is around midnight, so I am off to bed to rest up for tomorrow's day of fun with friends! Hope you have a SUPAH weekend and I will post something new on Sunday or sooner! Ciao!

Thursday, November 15

Christmas Bling Bracelet

Look at this pretty Christmas Bling Bracelet! I just wired up this one and HAD to post it. This one was sooooooooo hard to photograph. The colors and facets are just not showing up at all. You HAVE to see this one in person to really appreciate the deepness of the 8mm Siam red Swarovski crystals and all of the copper. It is still strung with sterling, but the beads and toggle are made of copper to coordinate better with the red and khaki gold details of the lamp beads. This one is perfect for that Christmas party or Holiday family get-together you might have coming up. Since it is detailed with copper instead of gold, you can dress this one "UP" with a dress for church or "down" with khaki's and a red sweater for 'Tree Hopping'!! Copper keeps the material cost down, this one is only $48.00!!

"Sandy Waters" Matching Necklace

Good Morning, Ya'll!!!!! I made a few goodies late into the evening last night. Here is another beautiful piece of artisan jewelry, made by myself, of course... I named it 'Sandy Waters', because there is a matching bracelet & earring set out there owned by a wonderful gal, Sandy! Plus, the color of the brown in the actual bracelet reminds me of the gorgeous Florida sands. I used to live there, you know?! I had the focal (center) bead left over from the other pieces and thought it a shame to leave it feeling lonely in the stash of extras! So I slid on some Light Sapphire and Colorado Topaz (4mm, 6mm and 8mm!) Swarovski, and a smidgin' of silver, and VIOLA! a wonderful 18" necklace to match! And, a steal at just $35.00! Sandy has first dibs, but if she passes, it's all yours!

Wednesday, November 14

Turquoise and Yellow-Orange in WINTER??

Hey all! A QUICKIE note for you. I finished a FAB-U-LOUS bracelet last night! It really is composed of summer colors, but I just couldn't stand seeing those gorgeous little baubles in the shipping box anymore. I threw together (in just under 2 hours!) a wonderful dangle charm bracelet with turquoise, yellow-orange and sea-green crystals and lampwork. I love the little sounds that are made when all the different sizes of glass hit each other. Nothing like stringing over 30 dangles onto a bracelet by hand! I love being able to be at home in the late evening watching a movie while playing with my little beads of love!

I need to go find the camera and attempt to take a pic or two. I will upload a shot of it in a bit!

Tuesday, November 13

After the show... the CREDITS!!

Here I am! Finally! Well after a long and exhausting 48 hour-recovery period, I am better. Doing craft shows/vendor shows take a lot out of you! I actually did quite great. Seeing as how the weather was poor and the location wasn't the hottest, I did very well. Of course, I had the added benefit of friends coming in and purchasing my items! I have the most wonderful supporters! What makes me feel even better is everyone's sincerity of loving my items. Or at least I hope they are being sincere!

Anyway..... I am now (as of tonight) getting ready to work again. I ordered some more beads and they should be arriving by the weekend. BUT, until then I shall work on the other beads I never got a chance to work on last week. SO OFF I GO!

Thanks again to all of my wonderful friends who helped me get a step closer to my career goal of being a fulltime artist/designer WITH INCOME!!!!! It is one thing to be an artist, but it is another to be a PAID artist, ha ha! AND a special "Thank YOU" goes to my bud, Amy. Amy helped me set up and brought all of the holiday decorations to liven up my tables. SHE ROCKS! And, of course, she did help bring in some new customers, because she knows EVERYONE, I swear! Again, Thanks Amy! I couldn't have done it without you!

And a special THANKS goes to my son, Josh. He came home early from a hunting trip with his dad to help me at the show. He didn't have to do much, but just having him there showing his support for me, really made me feel good. This was one of those times that Josh wasn't embarrassed to be seen with me! That was so cool!

I will try to post a new item, not yet seen to the public tomorrow or the next! So check back!

Sunday, November 11

Today's the Day!

Here we go, well....... Off to bed first. It is 1:41am and just going to bed! I have finally finished the last few details and can sleep softly! Set up is at 9am, so I better run. My dear hubby actually helped me label, stuff, glue and clean. Bless his heart. I might have to go wake him, heh heh.

I love my friend, Amy. She is going to help me tomorrow at the show and she came by today and wished me well with a hand-made card (of course!) and a present. SHE IS SO WONDERFUL, always there to support me when I need it and to help me laugh when I am down. She's the best!

I will fill you in on how the show went when I return. I just hope I don't get cleaned out or I won't have anything left for the next show! Have a SUPAH Sunday and I will post soon!

Friday, November 9

Blue Beauty

Here is another blue beauty! This one is slightly higher in price because of all the Swarovski 8mm crystals. Those suckers are expensive! Plus the heart toggle was a bit higher than the others already posted. Blue Beauty is gorgeous and has been picked as a favorite by a couple of my friends who wear a lot of blue. There is also two different purple shades in this one. A beautiful deep violet and a soft lilac. It is accented with sterling silver beadcaps and shiny smooth silver beads as well. It is vibrant and very show-y. So, if you don't like to stand out in a crowd, this one isn't for you! $75.00, plus $5.00 shipping outside of Dubois County, Indiana! Email me and it is yours forever (or would be fantastic as a gift)!

Cards, Cards EVERYWHERE!

Geez, I am embarrassed to say that I have accumulated tooooo many cards over the past year! I packed them up for Sunday's show and realized that I have about 300 to sell! If I had only made 2-4 in a set I wouldn't have so many in stock to get rid of, but I guess that is a good thing for you! I will be nearly giving them away at just $2.50 each or 5 for $10.00! What a steal! You can't even find a decent card at a grocery store for $2.00, let alone a handmade one! So, hopefully I will get rid of a bunch to make room for more! I was thinking that I should hold some back for myself. I do need to have some on hand to send to people for their birthday or anniversary, too! BUT, I think I will let you all have first choice and I will just have to keep the leftovers!

I am nervous and excited at the same time. I have never done a show before, so I obviously never sent out 75 postcards inviting everyone to see me either! So, this will be interesting! I think the time frame is good, people can come out right after church and shop, so that may bring in more people than I expect. I am anticipating this show to guide me for the next. IF my baby bonnets don't sell, then maybe I won't focus on them anymore and then just try to sell/consign them at a local baby boutique. I do LOVE to crochet, but don't have anyone to crochet for, so maybe I could get them sold that way.

WELL, I better go and get things moving. Just 49 hours till the big event! Are you joining me?

Thursday, November 8

Not much time left!

I am going to do a quick post here... I have a list of things to do yet to be ready for Sunday's show. I am wondering if the bracelets listed below are priced correctly. I think the two should be more like $75.00, but maybe not. Hmmmm.... And the cherry charm is a steal at $75.00! It takes forever to make all of those individual dangles! BUT, until I am found by the public and have a customer base, I really want to get my jewelry into people's hands. The quality and workmanship speak for themselves when you get a chance to see them in person!

I have made another whole batch of bracelets and earrings with some new lampwork beads. I love them, although not everyone will appeal to the more modern and contemporary feel of the beads. TONS of dots, spot, bubbles, swirls and scrolls. More so than what you see below. AND the beads are actually larger! SO, if, (and that is a big IF) I get a chance to take a photo or two today, I will post another one, along with a price.

Don't forget to put me in your Favorites and help me feel the LOVE by checking in on me often! Have a super Thursday, the weekend is ALMOST HERE!

Monday, November 5

Snowman Frames

It's Monday, do I need to say more? Yep, already the day is off to a rough start so I am headed directly to the studio, (AKA basement), to craft and get more items done for the show. THAT should cheer me up!

I made some really cute framed snowman decor yesterday. Pretty darn good, I have to say. I also made a "JOY" wall hanging that turned out great. I will try to get a picture of it and post it later today or tonight. I have trouble figuring out pricing on items like these. The material cost is almost nothing, like $4.00, but it took FOREVER to get it done. Maybe I will put $16.00 on it and see if it sells. I would buy it for more than $15.00, but not $20.00; so I will go with my gut.

Try to have a SUPAH Monday!

Sunday, November 4

Steamin' HOT Espresso

This Steamin' Hot Espresso bracelet is made of beautifully detailed (glass) lampwork beads, solid sterling silver, (no plated items here!), even the wire is sterling, the most flexible 49-strand sterling wire around; NOT stainless steel. And only the best crystals by Swarovski are used here. I incorporate only the highest quality items available. I will not put my name on an item that is cheap and won't last. Notice again by the clasp, my signature daisy/snowflake silver charm! First one who emails me, can have it shipped priority to them tomorrow, or it will stay with me for next Sunday's show!

I sometimes enjoy clustering groups of color to make a statement, rather than scattering the colors spaced evenly around. Here is a turquoise focal front section, caramel on the side and periwinkle blue by the clasp. The periwinkle blue and signature charm show well if the bracelet gets turned around on your wrist with the sparkle-toggle on top. This one can be yours for just $65.00!! {Plus $5.00 for priority shipping if you live outside of Dubois County, Indiana!} And that is really cheap, uh... I mean inexpensive! I am trying to get my name out there, so I am pricing my items as low as possible. Basically, I am giving you the bracelet around cost, plus just paying myself about $15.00 for my time. (Lampwork, sterling and Swarovski's can be very expensive!!) Search the web, lampwork bracelets like this one usually go for $100.00 or more! Once I get going and have a customer base, I will raise my price a bit, so I can start paying off the rest of the silver and crystals I have in inventory and possibly go out and buy myself something. Momma needs a new pair of shoes!
Please comment!

Framed Art, 7 days left!

Good Sunday Morning to you!

My parents left yesterday to return to Tennessee so I actually got some bracelets done. I also did a little bit of crocheting, too. I am off to paper craft today. I want to make a bunch of framed items for people to purchase for their own home or to give as Christmas gifts. I am going to focus on "family", "mom", "friends" and holiday themed items. I might have to throw a little bit of "grandma" items in there, too. You just never know what to give a grandma!

Look above at yet another bracelet and COMMENT for once!! I know you are out there, my counter keeps going up a few notches a day!! Let me know what you think!!

Friday, November 2

Feminine Fall Flowers

This gorgeous Fall Flowers bracelet is personally my favorite in color scheme. The colors are so noticeable, but neutral. I love the three browns, you have a dark chocolate, a caramel and a copper, too. There are little dabs of olive and lavender, as well. The "white" you see is more of a vanilla color, just perfect for fall and winter clothes. All of my bracelets are one of a kind, you won't see another one like it in the world. I don't make two lampwork bracelets alike ever. When people wear my jewelry, they do so knowing they are distinctive from the rest!

I think this piece is wonderful! It can go with just about anything... khaki pants, blue jeans, or you can even dress it up for church or an evening out! It is feminine with a flair! Did you notice how I offset the color scheme? The left side has olive (left of front focal bead and by clasp) and the right side has lavender, to bring out the lavender flowers on the lampwork beads. Also notice my signature charm! That way when someone sees it, they know it is an Anderson Arts Original!
You can own Feminine Fall Flowers for a modest $65.00, plus $5.00 for priority shipping, email me for questions. I always guarantee my work. And if something happens (like the kids pull on it and scatter beads across the floor), just let me know and I will re-string it for you at no cost!
SOLD!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Kathie!!!!!!
Well, what do you think? Will ya comment?

9 Days and counting...

Happy November! I was busy yesterday cleaning my house to get ready to have my parents in for a visit for the weekend. They came in 3 hours earlier than expected, so I guess I am really happy that I went ahead and finished the cleaning right away, instead of waiting until after school for my teen to watch the little ones!

We have been having a nice visit with my dad going with Eli (kindergartner) to school today for Grandparents day. They had a blast and "Grumpy" took tons of pictures so Grammy wouldn't miss out on anything. My mom is going to go with KayLee next year when she will be in kindergarten.

I had rave reviews from my mom when I showed her all of my goodies I have made so far for the shows. I know I need to make more, but somewhere in the postal system there are more beads headed my way, so I can't make the other smaller items until I pair up the new beads (that haven't yet arrived) with the best crystals and silver I have on hand first. SO, I shall have a busy week all next week and next weekend to still get prepared to knock the socks off of my new customers on Sunday.

I am going to go and visit some more with my parents and then go take a nice long rest tonight until I hit the beads tomorrow and Sunday. I am going to try to kick my kids out of the house with my hubby so that I am less distracted and can accomplish more.

Have a SUPAH evening!