Wednesday, November 14

Turquoise and Yellow-Orange in WINTER??

Hey all! A QUICKIE note for you. I finished a FAB-U-LOUS bracelet last night! It really is composed of summer colors, but I just couldn't stand seeing those gorgeous little baubles in the shipping box anymore. I threw together (in just under 2 hours!) a wonderful dangle charm bracelet with turquoise, yellow-orange and sea-green crystals and lampwork. I love the little sounds that are made when all the different sizes of glass hit each other. Nothing like stringing over 30 dangles onto a bracelet by hand! I love being able to be at home in the late evening watching a movie while playing with my little beads of love!

I need to go find the camera and attempt to take a pic or two. I will upload a shot of it in a bit!

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