Tuesday, November 13

After the show... the CREDITS!!

Here I am! Finally! Well after a long and exhausting 48 hour-recovery period, I am better. Doing craft shows/vendor shows take a lot out of you! I actually did quite great. Seeing as how the weather was poor and the location wasn't the hottest, I did very well. Of course, I had the added benefit of friends coming in and purchasing my items! I have the most wonderful supporters! What makes me feel even better is everyone's sincerity of loving my items. Or at least I hope they are being sincere!

Anyway..... I am now (as of tonight) getting ready to work again. I ordered some more beads and they should be arriving by the weekend. BUT, until then I shall work on the other beads I never got a chance to work on last week. SO OFF I GO!

Thanks again to all of my wonderful friends who helped me get a step closer to my career goal of being a fulltime artist/designer WITH INCOME!!!!! It is one thing to be an artist, but it is another to be a PAID artist, ha ha! AND a special "Thank YOU" goes to my bud, Amy. Amy helped me set up and brought all of the holiday decorations to liven up my tables. SHE ROCKS! And, of course, she did help bring in some new customers, because she knows EVERYONE, I swear! Again, Thanks Amy! I couldn't have done it without you!

And a special THANKS goes to my son, Josh. He came home early from a hunting trip with his dad to help me at the show. He didn't have to do much, but just having him there showing his support for me, really made me feel good. This was one of those times that Josh wasn't embarrassed to be seen with me! That was so cool!

I will try to post a new item, not yet seen to the public tomorrow or the next! So check back!

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