Wednesday, November 21

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is a brief post to say I hope you enjoy your time with your family and friends whereever you are tomorrow! I will be out of town, I HOPE. I have a few things to do for this weekend's show, but should be able to get things done in order to ENJOY the trip to my in-laws. IF I don't get it all done today, I just might be celebrating Thanksgiving alone. Can you hear the violins playing?? HA HA!

I finished up the remaining bracelets with toggles but didn't whip out the camera. After I get all of the little stupid things finished (like paperwork, cleaning) I will be sure to take a pic or two or ten and will share with you the newbies! I love the new purple/plum/lilac one! It is FUN FUN FUN!

I made two more of the rainbow bracelets (pictured below) and gave them to my daughter's two preschool teachers yesterday. They just looooooooved them and kept oooo'ing and ahhhh'ing! I am still wearing mine and haven't taken it off since yesterday!! I still love it!

Well, I better go so I can enjoy the day OFF tomorrow! See you soon with some new items!

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