Sunday, November 25


Hey gang, I just got home from the show with Josh, who stuck it out with me again. We unloaded and are taking a load off! Man, I need a nap! I am glad to have the shows over in a way, so I can begin to enjoy the holidays. I came across some wonderfully awesome recipes that I am going to try. Does Praline Pumpkin Cheesecake sound good? It is half-cheesecake on bottom, pumpkin pie on top and toffee (Heath bar crumbled) crunch on top, drizzled in hot fudge sauce! YIKERS! JUST PUT IT ON MY THIGHS NOW! HA HA!

I am going to get back into the swing of things and start some traditions with my kids that my mom used to do with us; like making sugar cookies and decorating them, making some ornaments, stuff like that. I think that is how I came across my crafty/artsy talent as a young girl.

On a business-note... I will be taking my jewelry and some other items to 'This Olde House' on 9th & Newton Sts. this week; and will also be confirming a couple of other places that are interested in my jewels as well. SO, if that pans out, I will let you know where else you can find my goodies. And, as always, if you would like an email when a new item is posted available for sale, just email me your address and I will get you on my mailing list. I will not spam you with other info, nor will I email you when I post a note like this one. You will just be "alerted", if you will, when a new item is up for sale. This may be one time a day to one time a month, depending on the season or when I find some beads I just have to buy and share with you all! My email address is on the left in my profile!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the day and a HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out and saw me this weekend and bought some of my crafts and jewelry!

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