Thursday, November 15

Christmas Bling Bracelet

Look at this pretty Christmas Bling Bracelet! I just wired up this one and HAD to post it. This one was sooooooooo hard to photograph. The colors and facets are just not showing up at all. You HAVE to see this one in person to really appreciate the deepness of the 8mm Siam red Swarovski crystals and all of the copper. It is still strung with sterling, but the beads and toggle are made of copper to coordinate better with the red and khaki gold details of the lamp beads. This one is perfect for that Christmas party or Holiday family get-together you might have coming up. Since it is detailed with copper instead of gold, you can dress this one "UP" with a dress for church or "down" with khaki's and a red sweater for 'Tree Hopping'!! Copper keeps the material cost down, this one is only $48.00!!

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