Wednesday, November 28

Custom Birth Announcements

As you know, I love anything custom... I just made these for a little boy who was born in October. His first name is Anderson (my last name); his Daddy's name is Josh (my eldest son's name); his sister's name is Kayleigh (I have a daughter, KayLee) AND his middle name is Lee, my Dad's middle name, hence why we capitalized KayLee's name! Isn't that too weird?? I thought I would post these announcements. I didn't make them into cards, I made them as magnets, so that the recipient would actually keep it. Most people don't know what to do with birth announcements, so since there are only 18, I imagine the people who get it will be close family and friends who wouldn't mind putting it on their fridge or file cabinet at work. I made two color schemes, didn't they turn out good? Have a super day!

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