Friday, November 16

R & R Retreat

Ahhhhhhh Friday! Don't you just love Fridays???? I have an exciting weekend planned! I am treating myself to some well-deserved time off and spending this weekend making my Christmas cards! A couple of friends of mine are hostessing a retreat and so I will be doing that for sure tomorrow and depending on whether or not my lamp beads make it in from California tomorrow in the mail... I may just keep scrappin until Sunday afternoon! I used to make a HUGE deal out of my Christmas cards, but this year I have decided to make fewer "awesome" ones and more of the "simpler" ones. That way the immediate family get nicer ones and I can then take the rest of the time making MORE of the simpler ones, hence being able to send out more!

I think it sounds like a good idea!

As for stringing beads today... I have all of the remaining sets in bracelets and earrings now, minus the toggles for the bracelets. I am waiting on those to come in yet, but they are all strung and ready. And, MAN, I made some beauties, if I do say so myself! These can't help but be pretty since the beads and crystals are beautiful all on their own, and all I do is add some silver here and there. Sometimes getting the balance just right is time-consuming, but it always ends up working out eventually! Then once I get going, they all just seem to flow together real fast!

It is around midnight, so I am off to bed to rest up for tomorrow's day of fun with friends! Hope you have a SUPAH weekend and I will post something new on Sunday or sooner! Ciao!

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