Friday, November 2

9 Days and counting...

Happy November! I was busy yesterday cleaning my house to get ready to have my parents in for a visit for the weekend. They came in 3 hours earlier than expected, so I guess I am really happy that I went ahead and finished the cleaning right away, instead of waiting until after school for my teen to watch the little ones!

We have been having a nice visit with my dad going with Eli (kindergartner) to school today for Grandparents day. They had a blast and "Grumpy" took tons of pictures so Grammy wouldn't miss out on anything. My mom is going to go with KayLee next year when she will be in kindergarten.

I had rave reviews from my mom when I showed her all of my goodies I have made so far for the shows. I know I need to make more, but somewhere in the postal system there are more beads headed my way, so I can't make the other smaller items until I pair up the new beads (that haven't yet arrived) with the best crystals and silver I have on hand first. SO, I shall have a busy week all next week and next weekend to still get prepared to knock the socks off of my new customers on Sunday.

I am going to go and visit some more with my parents and then go take a nice long rest tonight until I hit the beads tomorrow and Sunday. I am going to try to kick my kids out of the house with my hubby so that I am less distracted and can accomplish more.

Have a SUPAH evening!

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