Tuesday, November 27

Jasper's Gold

Hey all! I figured I would post the bracelet I am hoping finds a new home today! I am headed to Wal-Mart, so I slipped this one on earlier to show off and hopefully sell! I normally do not wear the jewelry I intend to sell, (unless I need to double check how a pointy toggle feels when worn or something like that), but I am wearing a brown shirt with the exact same color in it as this bracelet, so I had to put it on. Everytime I put a new bracelet on, I swear I say I am going to keep it and not sell it. BUT if I did that, man would I be broke!

I will call this one 'Jasper's Gold'. Our Jasper High School colors are black and gold! It has a variety of browns, orange-yellow, amber and gold, and even a touch of gray. For as much color as it has, it actually is a very neutral bracelet that can be worn with a lot of different outfits! This one is yours for $72.00! I hope you like it!

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