Tuesday, November 20

JUST Swarovski

I have a bling of a bracelet to share! I was lucky to have found the camera, I think Eli and KayLee were using it as treasure on a treasure hunt last night. I LOVE IT! It is not for sale, it is MINE! Hee Hee! I had a small piece of wire that was too long to trash and too small for a bracelet with toggles, which takes more wire, so I made myself this wonderful RAINBOW of a bracelet. I am lucky to have a really skinny wrist so I salvaged the wire and it was the perfect length for me. NO TWO crystals are the same color and the silver beads are itty bitty, but boy does it have a MAJOR BLING factor! What is funny is that I had even more colors that I couldn't fit on, so I might just have to make another one! I think I am going to wear this baby everyday, I LOVE it that much! If ya want one, I could make one similar but not exact. (ONLY $18.00!!) The crystals will most likely be different colors here and there, plus that makes it a one-of-a-kind item, you know!?! I have since added my signature charm and another dangle with more purple, but am too lazy to take it off and retake the pic. Maybe if I find some energy I will set up for a re-take and then also take some additional pics of the new ones I have done since last week. SO CHECK BACK!

NEW EDIT 12/18 : This is a SUPAH bracelet that goes with EVERYTHING! I am making these for all ages... and are perfect for any occassion. If you are unsure of the measurement you need, simply add 1" to 1 1/2" to the wrist measurement. 1" for a snug fit, 1 1/2" for a loose fit.

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