Thursday, November 29

Almost the weekend, WOOHOO!

Happy Thursday to ya! I am actually getting stuff done. After I took KayLee to pre-school, Isaac fell asleep on the way home! SO, after I dropped off the Psalm's bracelet (finally, Thanks, Diane!) I quickly put him to bed for a nap when I got home. I am about to place an order for some things I need to get some custom orders started AND hopefully FINISHED next week! I really want to wrap up all of the custom orders by end of next week so I can get into the festive mood with the kids and start decorating (NO, I haven't done it yet!) making some Christmas cookies, trying out some new recipes, etc.

That is the good thing about working for yourself. You get to work and/or play when you want, as often as you want, how you want... Keeping in mind that you have to keep the customer happy and satisfied at all times! NOT a difficult task, if you ask me, I quite enjoy putting smiles on people's faces!

I need to go get started on a 'name frame' that someone ordered this past weekend. You know the kind, a long rectangular frame that displays a first or last name constructed with paper and embellishments. This gal knew of my paper crafting and asked if I could make one like the ones displayed by another vendor/friend of mine at the craft show. SO, since I had the frames already bought I happily agreed. I so enjoy paper crafting! It is amazing to me to find what you can create with a little imagination, some decorative paper, ribbon and good ol' rubber stamps and ink! I can't wait to do this project as it brings me back to my love of paper and gives me a break from the jewelry. THEN when I do get to the next set of beads I will have my mind all refreshed and ready to go!

OH, and on that note... The nine sets of beads were sent on Monday from Florida, so they should be here any day! They might even be out in my mailbox now. I looked too soon a bit ago and didn't have any mail at all.... so I KNOW that the postman didn't get here yet. I think there has only been one day in the past 6 1/2 years I have been married that we didn't get any mail! So, check back later to see the new sets!

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