Sunday, November 25

Last Day of the Show!!

I had a totally SUPAH day yesterday at the Armory's Arts & Craft Show! I got to spend the entire day with my eldest, Josh, who is 17 1/2. I think it is so funny that he doesn't mind (and actually wants) to do craft shows with me, but then at other times he doesn't want to be seen with me picking him up at church or something like that.... He's so cute!

I had a wonderful number of sales and a bunch of people took my card to place custom orders or to call later. AND I got to spread the word about the beauty of lampwork! I love it so much! The attention to detail, the color combinations and the talent that goes into each bead just fascinates me!

After today, Karen Seufert who owns This Olde House on Newton Street, here in Jasper, will be displaying (and hopefully selling!!) my jewelry. Of course, I will not stop making cards and other PAPERRRR crafts; you know how I get bored! So, I will just switch from jewelry to cards to crochet to whatever tickles my fancy at the moment. Someone asked me the other day if I was ADHD! HA HA! NO, I just have always been VERY crafty and been creative since childhood. I get it from my mother, she makes quilts now, but in the past did stained glass and cross-stitch mostly.

Well, I will have to post again later. I need to go get my mojo mosey-ing to the show now. I have nine more sets of beads still in the process of coming to be set into jewelry, mostly earrings and bracelets. Necklaces don't seem to sell much, so I tend to stay away from those. BUT I enjoy making them if someone asks! So, you need to check back and get a glimpse of the new lampwork beads coming soon. They are an even different style of lampwork that I have posted (down) below; and they are mostly in browns, blacks, and neutral tones. SO they could go with just about any outfit! Have a SUPAH Sunday today and I hope you all come out to see me at the show!!

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