Monday, November 26

My Apologies!

GEEZ, you know how I can ramble on.... I am so sorry for all of the long chatting in my posting lately. AND with NO pictures!! BORING! I didn't have the camera available to me for 4 days since my hubby had it with him out of town, hence no new pics. And, on that note, I haven't actually seen it return, so I sincerely hope he didn't forget to bring it home!

BUT, I just wanted to make a "POST" to tell you to keep scrolling down for pictures of bracelets that are still available, and some that are sold. If they have found a new home, they have "SOLD" added beneath their photo.

I just wanted to let you all know this, since I had a lot of people from this weekend's show take down my blog address and figured if I have any newbies logging on to lurk around I wanted you to know to SCROLLLLL DOWN!!!!

I hope those 9 new bead sets come in tomorrow! The mailman is like Santa to me! So, keep checking to see the new ones, they are just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a SUPAH evening! (I am going to see if I can spot the camera so I can get it charged up to take pictures of the new sets BEFORE they get made into jewelry when they come in!)

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