Sunday, November 18


Oh my! I stayed up at the retreat until 2:15am!! GEEZ! And when I thought I was pushing my limits, I found out that three other girls stayed up till 5:30am!!! I hope they got a 3 1/2 hour nap like I did!

I got the basics done for my Christmas card. But I didn't like what I had available at the time for a sentiment or stamped image, so I just did the basics for the card and will add the rest next week after the next art/craft show that I am a vendor at over Thanksgiving weekend. I need to get ready for the show on Saturday and Sunday, but after that I will finish up my Christmas cards and get them sent out.

I had SUPAH fun at Tiffany's scrap retreat! We all scrapped at her mom and dad's shelter house, which is just off their real house. Now, I know you might have this impression of a past shelter house you maybe have gone into in your past... BUT believe me, there is nothing to a "SHELTER house" in this baby. This is basically a professionally decorated oversized blocked/bricked and stoned 4-5 car garage that had been built to accommodate ZERO cars. It has 3 garage doors that when opened are still 'screened in' to keep the bugs out. There is a commercial grade heater that blew off my papers on my workspace when it got too chilly and there was a custom made FULL kitchen, with all the appliances, including a dishwasher and built in fridge! WOW! I was so impressed, being a kitchen designer originally by trade!

There was a full bath, ping pong tables and built in "washers" (or wah-shoes, depending on where you are from) so you can play year round without having to miss out on family fun if it is winter or even just rainy!

We (okay, not all, especially NOT me) even had a zip-line where you could get harnessed in with a helmet, to boot, and then go about a length of a football field, hanging and sliding down a metal wire through the wooded, hilly terraine! I, of course, was chicken, and wouldn't do it, but I lived vicariously through the other gals who DID do it! What a super relaxing weekend, full of scary excitement and FUN!

Thanks to Tiffany, Tiffany's mom, Kathie who accomodated us at her wonderful SPA-LIKE location, and to the other girls who set it all up for us! What a wonderful time! I even enjoyed getting a chance to meet Tiffany's Grandma, who I just called Grandma of course. She is such a spit fire and is so full of attitude and knowledge. What a great woman! I will post something tonight or tomorrow, so check back asap!

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