Thursday, November 29

The WORD is spreading!

I just realized that the keychains below weren't posted with prices. These two are $35.00 each. All sterling with some lampwork, Swarovski crystals and solid sterling key ring and chain. One gal who bought one of my keychains at the show this past weekend, showed hers to a friend... AND her friend called me! She ordered 4 keychains to be given as gifts for Christmas to the ladies in her family!

I told her why I thought it was a great gift. I was once given a keychain as a gift from a boyfriend. And although it wasn't sterling or any type of precious metal I know how I loved it and thought of him each time I used my keys. Of course I ditched it when I ditched him, but the fond memories I have using it when I was 'in love' (yeah, right!) still linger. And, honestly, if it had been made of sterling silver, I probably would have kept it. But the 'gold' had tarnished to a metal color, so I don't think KMart would have appreciated me trying to return it, do you think? HA HA!

Enjoy your night!

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