Sunday, November 4

Steamin' HOT Espresso

This Steamin' Hot Espresso bracelet is made of beautifully detailed (glass) lampwork beads, solid sterling silver, (no plated items here!), even the wire is sterling, the most flexible 49-strand sterling wire around; NOT stainless steel. And only the best crystals by Swarovski are used here. I incorporate only the highest quality items available. I will not put my name on an item that is cheap and won't last. Notice again by the clasp, my signature daisy/snowflake silver charm! First one who emails me, can have it shipped priority to them tomorrow, or it will stay with me for next Sunday's show!

I sometimes enjoy clustering groups of color to make a statement, rather than scattering the colors spaced evenly around. Here is a turquoise focal front section, caramel on the side and periwinkle blue by the clasp. The periwinkle blue and signature charm show well if the bracelet gets turned around on your wrist with the sparkle-toggle on top. This one can be yours for just $65.00!! {Plus $5.00 for priority shipping if you live outside of Dubois County, Indiana!} And that is really cheap, uh... I mean inexpensive! I am trying to get my name out there, so I am pricing my items as low as possible. Basically, I am giving you the bracelet around cost, plus just paying myself about $15.00 for my time. (Lampwork, sterling and Swarovski's can be very expensive!!) Search the web, lampwork bracelets like this one usually go for $100.00 or more! Once I get going and have a customer base, I will raise my price a bit, so I can start paying off the rest of the silver and crystals I have in inventory and possibly go out and buy myself something. Momma needs a new pair of shoes!
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Deborah said...

Hi, nice to find your nice blog! Your jewlery is so nice, such talent! Deb