Sunday, August 31

September's Sterling & Lampwork FREEBIE is HERE!!!!

September's Freebie is an adorable CellBling (or ScissorBling or ZipperBling or BagBling!!) which features a cute little Bunny Lampwork Bead that is 'workin' a floral headband! Isn't this the cutest?? I have had this bunny on my beading table for months! I have been wanting to do something special with it, but didn't know what else to use it for besides a pendant. Well, there she was, just sitting next to that black lanyard today! I honestly don't know how the two got together, but I bet is has 'something' to do with the fact that I could actually SEEEEEEE them next to each other AFTER I cleaned up into the wee hours of the early morning less than 9 hours ago! HA HA!

I adorned the bunny with some swirling, coordinating Swarovski Crystals and smooth sterling silver beads to make this POP with sparkle and shine! The next drawing is September 30th at 2pm! Start getting those votes in NOW to better your chances on winning it!!


August Drawing VIDEO!


See here for PROOF that I didn't RIG the drawing!

I am so embarassed of video-taping myself! Holy Crap, I don't know if I will EVER do that again! I am such a goof-ball! OH WELL, I wanted to be sure that noone thought I rigged the drawing! So, for those distant friends and customers out there that have never seen me LIVE IN PERSON, here's your video! Please don't look at my haircut. That is being taken care of on Thursday! Ha Ha!

I appreciate all of you and the fact that you take time to vote each day!
I forgot to say THANK YOU at the end of that awful video! Sorry about that!


It is taking forever, but the video-drawing is attempting to upload. It has gotten stuck at 51M out of 61M, so I am not sure if it is going to work or not! UGH! September's freebie was to be posted at 5:30pm, but I changed it to post AFTER the post of the August drawing has been revealed. Back in a bit, hopefully!

EDITED TO ADD 5:50pm: ok, I am still alive. Blogger has it all uploaded from what I can tell, but it is just hanging!! UGHHHHHH!

EDITED TO ADD: 6:01pm: I just opened a YOUTUBE account so I may be posting soon! Let's hope!

Almost DONE!

YO PEEPS! I am in the process of getting the winner drawn. I am attempting to video-record the drawing since I, myself, will have to do the drawing this time! SO, in order to PROVE that I am not rigging the drawing, I am trying to figure out how to post a video for the first time on blogger. I should be back soon!


Not to mention, It's a DOUBLE!

In the post below, one of my friends, Robyn, asked how I keep 'going and going' like the Energizer Bunny! HA HA! That is so funny! Ironically, just so happens that this morning, the first time in 6 months that I made myself a cappuccino; AND to top it off I 'GAVE IT A SMILE'!!

I figured after four hours of sleep I would need something to PICK ME UP! I went to bed last night at 3:30pm after getting the craft room about 90% re-organized. I still have a handful of things I want and need to do, but overall, I do anticipate enjoying it more. Just LESS to look at, giving me more space to create; and who wouldn't like that?

Well, I am headed to get even MORE done! Get your last vote/entry in before 4pm! Good Luck!

Back later for the Freebie Drawing!

Saturday, August 30


ANYONE just itchin' to win that FREEBIE?!?!?! Last day for votes is tomorrow! I am extending the deadline to 4pm, so that gives me more time to get it done since I plan on sleeping in tomorrow morning.

I am going to pull an all-nighter on the art studio, otherwise known as the front parlor off the living room. I am needing to move things around to get it more easily workable since I know how I use the room and my supplies and materials better now. I moved up here on New Year's Eve and have only added more stamp sets and more lampwork and Swarovski, so nothing BIG really. {Oh, but I did just add 37 more rolls of ribbon last weekend when HL had it 1/2 off... OOPS, forgot about that!}

SO, since I can't convince my hubby that we need to move (to give me more room) or build me one of those buildings in the back of our double-lot property so I can add the lampwork studio to that, I am just going to have to re-vamp what I got. Don't get me wrong, I know I have a LOT of room, here, I just don't think it is very efficient. And when the clutter is viewable, it clutters my creativity. I have 32 drawers to possibly move things around in, so I am sure it is doable.

I have to admit. I didn't get as much done as I wanted to today. I have either head-allergies, a head-cold or a slight migraine still from last Thursday, so I decided to lay down for an hour. Well, I guess my body needed it, because I woke up THREE hours later! UGH! I got nothing done! BUT, at least I am energized for tonight! If I get a bunch done tomorrow I am planning on painting and glazing some furniture pieces on Monday. I love re-furbishing dressers and desks, that is so relaxing to me. Plus it adds life to a piece of furniture when you update it like that. I will take before's and after's when I get to that task. I already bought the new hardware pulls, so it is a task that will eventually happen!

Enjoy your evening and SUNDAY and I will post the winner tomorrow!


Get those last votes in and email me my ranking to get those last final entries for the WATCHBLING ABOVE!!

With the long week I decided to organize & declutter the house today, design up some new jewelry tomorrow and focus on cards on Monday! I should have tons to show you next week!!

(Freebie drawing is at noon tomorrow! Don't forget to vote!)

Friday, August 29

ANDDDDDD, then there were two.

TGIF!!!!! RIGHT? Here are the two remaining KeyBlings! Ms. K loved the Pale Pink Sparkle one best, so she snatched it up! These two are up for grabs now, just email me to make it yours! This one below with the silvery sparkly Swarovski crystals and gray opaque glass dotted and swirled beads is just $34.00! Made of the finest lampwork and all sterling silver, even the large ring at top is made of sterling!

The Triple Swirl KeyBling below is just $34.00! Prices are appropriate to the amount of sterling and crystals and dependant upon the cost of the lampwork, too! Email me if one of these is calling you! I know I have said this before, but Keychains are the perfect gift! No sizing or re-sizing is involved; AND everytime the person uses their car or unlocks their home they will think of you! (If you aren't local, shipping is just $5.00!) LEMME know if you want one of these, or if you want one custom-made for you in your favorite colors!


Thursday, August 28

Raspberry & Silver KeyBling

If you haven't heard already, I have a serious fetish for Raspberry ANYTHING. YEP, that is right. I will take raspberry-bribes for just about anything! (ask my hubby! HA HA! nah, just joking...) Raspberry shower gel, raspberry gum, raspberry and dark chocolate, oh my!

OH, did I tell ya that I took Josh to The Olive Garden a couple of weekends ago when we went shopping for his Senior-Picture clothes? Guess what I had? Yeah, I just couldn't resist the White Chocolate RASPBERRY Cheesecake. I almost didn't get it, but then Josh said, "Mom, will you leave here and then say in the car, 'I wish I had ordered that raspberry-cheesecake for dessert'?". I answered with an avid "YES!" so I ordered it up. Josh had to eat it with me, it was so rich!

Oh, yeah... the keybling... RIGHT!

Raspberry and Gray lampworked glass beads are just yummy in this keybling! I must say, these were nearly in my mouth! BUT, I controlled myself! HA! I love the added softness of the opaque gray glass in this set; I added Crystal Shadow Swarovski crystals along with the Ruby and Fuchsia crystals. Crystal Shadow is basically a silvery-inspired Swarovski crystal color. It is a clear crystal with a gray-finish, if you will. So it just sparkles!! Perfect for coordinating with sterling silver, too, which of course, is all I use!!

This sterling silver ring is ready to slide onto your existing keychain! BUT, only if Ms. K, in Florida doesn't choose this one from the two keyblings listed HERE and below! As soon as she chooses, I will post which two remain!

You can always have me whip one up for you, too!
Let me know your favorite colors and I will make it happen!

Pale Pink Sparkle KeyBling - SOLD!

Not knowing which color of pink, Ms. K liked best (see previous post below)... I pulled out this set of pale pink lampwork to string into a bright romantic-looking keybling. I incorporated a couple of cat's eyes beads and some small Bali beads into this one to really make the keybling have a lot of presence since the pink is such a rich, but light color. I used clear, light rose and opaque pink colored Swarovski crystals in this keybling that is sure to please anyone's eye when digging in the purse for those dreaded keys.

I love putting my keybling into my jeans' pocket and letting the dangles of lampwork and crystals drip out of the pocket and down my leg. If I don't have any pockets (when wearing a dress...) I just let the strands of sparkle peak out of my purse's pocket or zippered section. That way I will have a less-likely chance of losing them at the bottom of my bag. I HATE THAT! Ha Ha! Plus it saves time and keeps you from getting caught in the rain to have to dig deep for the escapee-keys!

OH, and I mentioned I would give you an update on the online store. WELL, I have found a site where I can offer my items for FREE! NO monthly charges, NO maintenance fees, NO 3% FEE when I sell an item, etc... SO, I mention this, because this is different from my original plan! This will keep my costs down, thus keeping your purchase price even LOWER! AND I know we all want that! Since it is a brand new website and I have been grandfathered in as one of the first people signed up to sell, I get certain benefits (which will in turn benefit you, my customers!), so once I figure out ALL of the details I am going to try it! They keep tweeking the site to keep bettering it; which is understandable. HOWEVER, I think I will begin when they have pretty much finished making their major changes. So, I guess until that happens, I should offer my goodies here! So, the remaining keyblings will be announced ASAP after Ms. K makes her final decision!

I know you all have been waiting since the beginning of summer, and for that I sincerely apologize! But that surgery really did set me back a whole month and this summer was just too crazy-busy with FOUR kids at home! OH, and believe me, the teen can be just as much trouble as the other three combined sometimes! HA HA HAAAAW! So, there's the update on the store!

Again, Ms. K has first dibs, but if she doesn't choose this one, you can have it! I will post prices of the remaining two after she chooses hers.


Triple Swirl!

Hello KIDDOS! I have been away from the computer attempting to finish up all of the outstanding orders from a month ago! When I returned from my mini-vaca in Chicago at the end of July, I was faced with a huge batch of orders from newbie and returning customers! WOW, that was so great! But, at the same time, wrapping up the end of summer and getting the kids ready for school and still attempting to do the cooking, cleaning and shopping (as usual), I didn't get everything done as quickly as I wish I could have.

Thank goodness I have wonderful, understanding peeps who understand what it is like to be busy this time of year, so I finally got it all done with happy customers in tow! YEA! Here, below, is the first of three keyblings that one of my favorite customers asked for me to make up for her review. Well, she actually wanted a keybing with pink lampwork.... SO, I dug up three sets of pink lampwork out of my stash and got them strung up for her!

This triple swirled set of lampwork is in eye-catching raspberry red, a mauvey-purple pink and a beautiful pale pink. I used Fuschia, Ruby and Rose Satin Swarovski crystals and sterling silver beads to make this keybling easy to find in anyone's purse! If this one isn't chosen by Ms. K, it will be available to the public. I am waffling on offering it NOW or waiting until the store officially opens. (THAT is a whole other story, see next post for the update on that scenario!)

I will post another in a bit!

Monday, August 25


I admit it, I have been slacking on the blog-posting. I can't help it! You would think that having all of the kids in school at the same time (four afternoons a week), leaving me over 12 hours of ALONEEEEEE TIME, would make me blog more! BUT, NO! I am BUSIER than EVAH!

I have some goodies to show you coming up later this week, but I still have a couple of customers waiting on me... So, they come first of course! I do have to admit that I wrapped over 4 dozen EarringBlings (dangle sets) yesterday! I have a wonderful returning-customer that ordered a batch of dangles in a wonderful variety of colors, so she gets to pick first... {After that the rest will go in inventory for the online store}. I can't believe I made so many sets! I guess I got a little out of control when picking out the remaining sets yesterday! Before I knew it I had sterling silver and Swarovski crystals flung all over the place! HA HA! So, I watched a couple of movies (Monster-In-Law and Mr&Mrs Smith) and wrapped away!

I am glad I got a lot of practice in on the wire-wrapping and looping, since that is one of the first techniques I will be teaching this fall in my jewelry classes. If you are local and are interested in taking one of my classes, call Jasper Community Arts Center for time and fee info.

Well, I better get out of here and go back to the bead board! I hope everyone got through their Monday okay and are well on their way to yet another work week! I know I am! Working at home ROCKS! I have to say that I have never been happier!

See you SOON!

Saturday, August 23


CHEERS TO YOU is a fun little stamp set from SUP!. However, if it seems familiar to you that is because you might have seen it somewhere online in the vast blogger world. Apparently, SUP! sold this through their French or Spanish market awhile back (probably the French, since they say 'Cheers' like we say 'Have a good day' or 'See ya later'). AND with that being said, it does NOT come die-cut and ready to mount on the wood blocks, just so you know. For me, that is no big deal. I just assume mount my own stamps that I have trimmed as slim as possible to avoid those unsightly rubber-edge marks that they sometimes leave when you don't trim close-enough to the raised image.

I have three blues on this card, Bashful Blue, Pacific Point (my new favorite blue, if you can't tell) and Baja Breeze (my second favorite). I used my Spellbinders Nestibilities to make the scalloped squares. And the corner punch I got YEARS ago from Creative Memories. I never used it because I thought it made the corner look like a nipple! HA HA HA! BUT, I am glad I did save it and not get rid of it because it is perfect for softening the edges of this card, without just simply rounding the corners.

The two sided ribbon is from Hobby Lobby or Michael's and the rhinestones are cheapies from WallyWorld. I pop-dotted the top layer of the sentiment to allow the ribbon to slide underneath to be tied in a knot. I inked the cards outside edge in Pacific Point to give it some definition.

NOW, WHO has an anniversary coming up?

Friday, August 22

Cupcakes for YOU?

Cupcakes are all the rage, next to owls, in my opinion. SOOOOOOO, I just HAD to get this new SUP! stamp set that just came available less than two weeks ago! Crazy for cupcakes is so majorly adorable! I also just LOVE this new paper by SUP!, too! Washington Apple has so many great patterns in it, large small, multicolored, solids; I can just imagine the possibilities! ( I should have ordered 10 sets!)

I fashioned this card after Clean & Simple's post today, which mentioned using black to make things POP. Well... what do you think?? I color-matched the cupcakes to the patterned paper using my Copic markers. I used a cool shade around the cupcakes and stand to offset them from the white in the paper. It is hard to see, but I doubled-up my ribbon, with a crisp blue on a cute orange plaid organza. OH, and did you notice the cute little cherries with their glossy opaque white shiny spot? Gotta love the details!

Don't let the simplicity of this card fool ya either. I had to keep slimming my paper down to the 1/16" to get that checkered piece to fit nicely between the two blacks! UGH! It was worth it since it turned out cute; at least I think so.

Anyone have a birthday coming up??

Thursday, August 21

Similar but Different

Yesterday's sketch layout was really quick and easy for me, so I decided to do another in the two new IN COLORS Pacific Point and Baja Breeze. Isn't this baby card just too cute, even though it IS missing Ribbon!? I didn't pop-dot anything (like the center-scallop piece) so additional postage won't be required to send it. I sell cards at a local boutique and although I haven't heard this, but sometimes I wonder if the owner gets complaints about 'additional postage required' on most of my cards.

{ Really no one should complain, since I sell my cards cheaper than Wal-Mart cards on the top shelf where the 'extra special' cards sit. You know, those cards that are for giving to those you 'really DO' care about, HAHA! }

I don't have any of the new Designer Paper by SUP! that incorporates these colors, (at least not YET), so I made my own 'patterned paper by stamping baby images randomly on whisper white cardstock. The baby images are from SUP! Baby Firsts stamp set and the rattle image is from the same hostess set as yesterdays' post; this one is called Cause for Celebration. OH, and the 'welcome' image is from Warm Words stamp set, in case you wanted to know. (That is a really great set; I use it often!) I also inked the white cardstock edges with Pacific Point to give the card a bit of dimension.

I have Tangerine Tango and one of the IN COLORs from the last catalog, Groovy Guava, put aside for the next card. I plan to make a set of 4 to 6 similar cards with this layout and then give them in sets to family members at Christmas!

Have a great day!
AND wish me luck at noon with Isaac!

Wednesday, August 20

MUST Recover

I guess venting about Isaac helped a little. Found some creativity-inspiration at Clean&Simple with this sketch. OF COURSE I had to modify it, which kept if from being SIMPLE, but it is still CLEAN, right?

Edited to Add: The patterned paper is SUP! Bella Rose and the two colors used here are the two new IN COLORS, Pink Pirouette and Red Riding Hood. Both images are from Hostess sets from the Spring/Summer catalog. Nestibilities die.

Have a great night!
I will try to come up with another, too!

Kids in Preschool?

THIS is the reason I haven't been posting. Or should I say HE ? When the heart isn't happy, the creative juices just can't flow within me. Normally, my blog posts are upbeat and enjoyable to read. Well, that is because I, personally, am usually upbeat and happy. This little guy is laying it on thick, let me tell ya. AND it is working.

Maybe I am a sucker. Maybe I care too much. Maybe I am OVERLY-concerned. Isaac began preschool on Monday; I left him there, perfectly happy, no problem. THEN yesterday and again today, he had to be peeled from my body and forced to stay as I left. OF COURSE, he calms down eventually and does well (so I am told) but this doesn't lighten the load in my heart.

I have always felt that forcing situations upon a child is a bit degrading. Do you know what I mean? Like forcing them to eat EVERY bite on their plate. Or forcing them to do a sport that they wish to quit. Or forcing them to be someone they aren't. I feel that if it isn't life-threatening, and you have done all you can to encourage, support and try to remedy the situation and it STILL isn't working, then possibly the child should get their way. I am still in the 'encourage, support, remedy' phase, so hopefully all will work out. But, until then, the mojo has moved on. I worry for three hours I could be working. I don't know what I should do.

If you would like to share a comment or suggestion, please do so! I am looking for ANY tips out there from moms who have had their kids in preschool situations similar to this one. (If you know Isaac, he has a speaking/communication development problem, so getting him to talk about what is bothering him is kind of not an option at this point.) SO, should I bribe? Should I threaten? Should I give him a week? A month?

Don't let that look deceive you. He isn't that innocent, believe me.


Monday, August 18


YEP, shopping for senior pictures was f u n . . . Spent a bunch of money on stuff that I think I will let the photographer choose from. ONE shirt, ONE tie = $128.00; and that was just for one outfit. Did I say it was f u n ? HA! At least Josh LOVES what he chose for the formal headshot for the senior year book. SO do I, I have to admit. He's gonna look HOT!

That was Saturday.

SUNDAY I spent wrapping up three bracelets on order, packaging, and also wrapping up some dangles, too. This one gal better LOVE me (she does, she's related!) because I had to re-string it like 5 times, seriously FIVE times to get it to fit right. HA HA! That is what being a PERFECTIONIST does to you, I guess.

THEN today my dear Isaac had his first official day of school. Preschool, that is. HE LOVED IT! He got to ride the bus home with Eli and KayLee, too. As he walked up the driveway, he had this 'strut' like, "YEAH, I went to school. YEAH, I hung with the homies. YEAH, I'm all THAT~AND a bag of chips AND some DIP!" HA HA HA HA!! HE DID! He walked like he owned the road! SO FUNNY! Even at three, he knew he accomplished a big feat!

I got soooooooooooo much done while I was home alone; laundry, cleaning, cooking, checked the finances, did some business stuff. I still didn't get ALL done that I needed to (I am emailing you tomorrow, Ms. K in FL!); but that is what Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are for, too! Isaac goes to school four days a week from Monday to Thursday, so I will catch up quickly, I think!

SO, enough for now... except to say that for those who wanted to see the new family-item, I figured a way to perfect it design-wise, but need to make my mom's before shooting pics for you, so I will get that done this week and then email everyone a pic. Except for you, Mom! SORRY! HA!

Don't forget to get those votes in on the watchbling! You still have time to get in a bunch of votes to better your chances on winning it! Be sure to email me that you voted, too!

Enjoy the night!

Friday, August 15

After School Drama

If you read my last post you would know about the school-bus screw-up.... So, here's some pics to show ya what all happened! HA HA!

Here is my Josh coming home from his first day of Senior Year at Jasper High School....

He's, again, avoiding the camera...

Here's the school bus with KayLee and Eli aboard... Driving by....

Here's the bus, dropping off all the kids, BUT MINE.... then, POOF GONE!

15 minutes later...... the bus backtracked with some eager kids in tow. I asked them if they enjoyed the scenic route! Ha Ha!

I am headed to go shopping tomorrow to pick out some 'NICE' clothes for Josh's Senior Pictures, so I will check back for sure on Sunday!
Smashing Saturday WISHES!

School update!

The first day of 08-09 school year is finished! My pumpkins were so great this morning hamming it up for the camera!

Isaac sat next to Eli at school for a few minutes while I took pictures of KayLee....
I introduced KayLee to Maggie (I didn't know her either); well, KayLee came home and said she really likes her new best friend, Maggie, so I guess the introduction worked!

Isaac had to come home with me after dropping off the kids at school. He asked about Eli and KayLee all day! He begins preschool on Monday at noon!

And, here finally, is my SENIOR, Josh. He hates having his picture taken, but I snuck this one on him by commenting that he will be able to check out the girls at school again!

All was not uneventful, though, today. The bus driver didn't let KayLee and Eli off the bus, so after he drove them around the neighborhood for an additional 15 minutes dropping off the rest of the kids, I guess he woke up and realized they were still there on the bus and backtracked to drop them off. UGH!

KayLee said today 'took forever' and that it was a llllllllllooooooooong day, ha ha! Eli loves his teacher and said she is silly and teases. Josh had a great day, too, but has a lot of work involved in his Economics class coming up. Not good since he hates writing reports and that is all he apparently will be doing in class on a daily to weekly basis to build up 'so many' points to get an A or 'so many' points to get a B... f u n . Other than that all is well in the Anderson household! I hope everyone's first day of school goes as smooth as mine (minus the bus screw-up, of course! Ha Ha!).

Have a supah night!

Manga ME!

In honor of my love for COPIC markers, which are infamous for their use in Manga Comic Illustration (you know, those big eyed, no-nosed people with spikey hair?), I created my own avatar! Ok, I DO LOVE how they think all people are skinnier than bamboo, but the head being wider than shoulder-width does look a bit hilarious, am I right?

Click on my avatar and Create Your Own! I only wish I could have put on BOTH of my facial beauty marks that I have, not just the one. But, heck that is better than nothing! I think this chick is better looking than me! Oh, well, maybe this is how I see myself... still young and with no bags under my eyes! LOL!

Enjoy your FRIDAY NIGHT!

Available for download now: MY SHEETLOAD MINI ISSUE!

Good Friday Morning, Peeps! I just had an emotional morning (1) sending my kids off to school, (2)forcing Isaac to have to come home with me (since he doesn't quite understand that preschoolers don't have school on Fridays and will be starting school NEXT week on Monday), and (3) coming home to a quite empty house. Eli, KayLee and even Josh were happy to head to school this morning, which does make a mom proud; BUT I am kinda missin' them already and it is only 9am! Ha Ha!

However, I am excited to remind you to check out the latest edition of Sheetload of Cards, which features a sketch and five samples made by little ol' me! Alicia did an awesome job putting the issue together and highlighting my cards! THANKS, ALICIA! This sketch is really simple, but you can sex it up as much as you want using different embellishments and patterned papers or more! I would love to see your card(s)! AND if you make a card, you can post it to the SheetLoad Post HERE and get in on some awesome Basic Grey & Fiskars Blog Candy!!

Enjoy your day and I will be posting pic of the kids' drop-off at school this morning a little bit later in the day! I am off to grab Isaac so we can do some one-on-one time!! Gotta work on his articulation!


Thursday, August 14

Wrapping up summer!

From the last day of school on the 23rd of May to the last day of summer tomorrow, time sure has flown by! Josh begins his Senior year at the High School and Eli is entering first grade tomorrow, while my sweet KayLee has her first official day of kindergarten! Isaac goes to preschool on Monday since the preschoolers go Monday through Thursday... So, I will have a picture of Isaac for you Monday at noontime or so!

I just thought I would share a few pics from the summer....

Below, you see Eli sooooooooooooo happy to go to school for the last time as a kindergartner!

June 15th, Fathers Day, they really enjoyed the pool! OH MY, look at the garden in the background, there is NOTHING there! CLICK HERE to see it now!!

KayLee got her teeth cleaned for the first time this summer! She had been waiting all year for this since Eli had his done before kindergarten last year!

Here's Eli and DH Scott after winning a TeeBall game in July!

And, here's my littlest, Isaac, who really loved the water that day! I think he's kinda sick of it now though.

I had to go shopping tonight for KayLee. She needed a new pair of shoes. She left her tennis shoes at a pool party on Tuesday and I wasn't able to get a hold of the couple until late tonight, of course AFTER I had returned from shopping already! HA HA! Oh, well, she could use a new pair of sneakers anyways!

I am really sad to see all of my babies growing up so fast. Especially Josh. One year from now he could be POOF gone to a college far far away. That's hard to swallow. And knowing my 'baby' is in SCHOOL as of Monday, is just plain crazy! But, I am sure I will have enough to keep me busy with all of you wonderful folks out there! I look forward to having MORE stuff, MORE often, so be sure to get me in your favorites to see some paper-crafts and artisan jewelry EVERYDAY!

Check in on SheetLoad of Cards in the A.M.! My mini-issue will be posted bright and early Friday Morning! If you make a batch of cards, or just one card, using my sketch, link it up on my blog so I can see it!

Have a WONDERFUL evening!

Tiger's Eyes

Introducing the neighborhood tomcat, TIGER, who has adopted my family as his own! His eyes are so wicked in color, aren't they? He looks like he could be a mean-y, but honestly he is sweeter than my two other cats combined! At night, he sleeps out in the old shed and greets us every morning on the back porch with a happy meow!

I think he is the reason why the rabbit population has decreased to nearly zero in my backyard. BUT, that is fine by me and my neighbor lady since we both have gardens full of veggies!

Hope you are enjoying the day!

Color Coach Challenge

Using the infamous Stampin' UP! 'color coach tool', I threw this card together late last night. I really like being challenged with their color choices. Sometimes you look at it and say to yourself, "WHAT? Those are ugly together!" But, then when you finish your card, you think, "It actually looks nice!".

I began with Bordering Blue, which is to be used as the mostly seen, main color. The coordinating colors they suggest are More Mustard, Sage Shadow and Not Quite Navy. The complimentary color is So Saffron; I used just one touch of this color on the middle brad.

This focal image comes from the stamp set Check It Out. I thought that this color combo could go masculine as well as feminine, so I used the double leaf stamp image (instead of a feminine flower) from Friendship Blooms, which I believe is a Sale-A-Bration stamp set, with a versamark/watermark ink to give the top of the card this subtle pattern. I didn't use any patterned paper for this card since I felt there was enough going on with the color-combo and the BIG focal image.

I didn't check off any of the sentiment choices, so I could make my choice before I send it out!! But I can see using a glaze pen or some glitter/stickles to mark the appropriate boxes. If you don't have a color coach or are interested in how this tool works, a Color Coach tutorial will be coming up sooner or later!

Stay Tuned for my SheetLoad of Cards DEBUT TOMORROW!

Wednesday, August 13

A little MIA again

Yo dolls! (And dad!) I have decided NOT to share my newbie item unless you request to see it by email or leaving a comment here. (I will zap ya a JPEG, Kathleen and Tiffany, since you commented!) I don't want to ruin the surprise for my mom's birthday, but at least she knows she is getting something! HEE HEE!

I have been under the weather today, a bit of a flu bug or just plain old nerves turning into an ulcer because of stress related to getting things done and wrapped up for school beginning on Friday; AND trying to not disappoint my peeps (customers) by pushing off their much appreciated orders. { The bracelets are coming, Miss L in IL and the dangles are being wrapped up, Miss A in E'ville, and the Keybling is coming Miss K in FL... thanks again for the orders! }

Ok, so I need to get motivated and moving, DH will be home later tonight, so it is up to me to do THE DO, if you know what I mean! OH, and if anyone wants to come over and get some zucchinis, please do! I get 2-4 EACH DAY! UGH! I need to find some new recipes!

Have a nice night!

Tuesday, August 12


I am so excited to announce a new item to the Anderson Arts ARTISAN GALLERY! I have had a few peeps mention wanting items that represented birthstones of family members. BUT, they didn't want something they had seen before, like family bracelets or mother's rings...


I came up with something special! I made my first creation (which of course I ALWAYS KEEP!) with MY family's birthstones! I am wearing it proudly NOW! My hubby loves it, and he isn't ever one to mention anything either way! So, that means it MUST be good!

When the sun comes out tomorrow and greets me with that natural sunlight I will take some pics and share it with you! THIS item IS perfect for that 'Special Christmas Present' for your mom, grandma or yourself! The patent for the design goes in tomorrow, I am so glad to have a friend in the patent/design business! Thanks, Darlene! Posting it publicly and thus, stating the date/time, shows who came up with the design first! Or, at least that is what I understand from some thorough searching and info from Darlene!

I need to double check everything first, but then will post it and take orders ASAP! My mom's birthday is coming up in September, so I think I may just have to make one for her!

See ya on Wednesday!

Card Swap

Mornin' PEEPS! I may have over-done it with the new SUP! scallop punch, but I couldn't help myself! I just love it! I used Cameo Coral, Lovely Lilac and Tempting Turquoise for my color choices, paper from SUP! Spring Flowers set and a Hobby Lobby Ribbon, of course! The sentiment is from one of their new stamp sets, I can't remember the name, but if you really need to know, just comment here and I will post it later.

{ I need to take off to register my oldest son for his SENIOR year of High School.... sniff, sniff. I can hardly believe that he is just one year away from beginning college. Seriously amazes me! }

Anyhoo, I used the scallop punch, by beginning in the center of the card and working towards the outside (each way) to make it nice and centered. I used the stamp-a-majig to place the sentiment level, too. That is my newest favorite tool, by the way. I should have bought it a long time ago!

You can see from this angle that I adhered a cameo coral cardstock to the entire inside to showcase the scallops on the front of the card. A little popdotted oval piece accents this card with some dimension! Gotta love pop-dots!
Enjoy your day!

Take a peek!

WHAT do these three things have in common??? They are 'SNEAK-PEEKS' from my SheetLoad of Cards debut mini-issue!! YES, I am proud to say that my very own issue of SheetLoad will be available for download this FRIDAY!! Mark it on your calendar so you don't forget.... never mind, I will post about it for sure to remind ya, ha ha ha!

I came up with my own card-sketch and ALL of the samples for this issue! It is SO COOL that I can now say that I have been 'officially published' as an ezine-card designer! I hope you are as excited as I am! Alicia did a great job pulling this issue together and showcasing my cards, so I am just thrilled for you all to see it!

Have a super day!

ShoutOut to #1 Rising Star!!

SO........... I mentioned yesterday that my one and only downline, TIFFANY, worked her butt off and earned the prestigious Stampin' UP! Rising Star Award, right? She not only placed as a Rising Star, but was #1!!! She had the best in personal sales and recruiting of all new demonstators! So, here's a little WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO for Tiffany!

Check out her blog, she is posting pictures and sharing all of the excitement about convention right now!

Thanks for checking in on me!
I have a little sneak peek for ya coming soon!

Monday, August 11

First TOMATO of the Season

This one's for Grumpy! Grumpy is what my kids call my dad. Not grandpa, or grand-dad. GRUMPY! HA HA! My dad chose this name when my oldest son (his first grandchild) was to be born. I guess Grandpa just wasn't good enough! HA HA!

Well, my dad LOVES tomatoes! Tomato sandwiches are his favorite! SO, I thought he would appreciate seeing our first ripe tomato from the garden. As you can see, it wasn't around for long!

Check back tomorrow for a card I made for a card swap!

Lemme explain!

So, I said yesterday I was exhausted, right? OH MY GOSH! WHAT a weekend! My one and only Stampin' UP! down-line, Tiffany, had a customer-appreciation party for all of her hostesses since January. She achieved #1 Rising Star with Stampin' UP! this year and wanted to say THANK YOU to those who helped her achieved it by having a catalog or home-party.

After the hostesses left, a few of us stayed and worked on some orders or some projects we had going on. I am in a card swap on Wednesday, so I made my 14 cards (and a few extra to keep) and didn't come home until 1AM!! OH GEEZ! WHAT was I thinking???? I am definitely not 19 anymore! HA HA! We did have fun jammin' to some funky 90's music and laughing at each other's stories of past boyfriends and school-times.

I hardly slept in, so I was exhausted pretty much most of the day. I just couldn't get any mojo moving. I did manage to do a little in the craft room, but not much. JUST too darned tired! I did come home Saturday night to find my hubby added some much needed shelving to my craft room while I was away, so that was very cool!! I only asked for one, but he added another one on top of the first, so I got DOUBLE what I needed. Of course, I figured out what to do with it... GET MORE STUFF TO FILL THE SHELF! HA HA! NAH, I have enough, actually. I moved some things around today and the extra shelf made it really roomy and not so crammed, so hubby DID GOOD!

OK, so that is it for now, I better go get moving. I need to check in on some peeps and get things done. I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful weather, if you are in Dubois County, Indiana. I had my house open until 2pm today! SWEET!

Another post in a flash, See ya later!!


Eating apples off our tree again! Here's the 'Deer' family, enjoying a morning brunch from the other day!

I don't have much to post for ya; I have been getting the kids ready for school, attempting to tackle the much-needed cleaning and working on a few special items for you to see when the online store opens! SO, bear with me! I miss my blogging and sharing special updates on my jewelry and crafts. I just really need to focus on wrapping up the much needed TO-DO list so I can kick back and create some newbie items for ya!

Check back in a bit, I have a picture of Eli that will make you laugh!

What are you?

I found this on Allison's blog... just answer five questions, and you will know! FUN!

You are the Sense of Sight

You are a very observant, detail oriented person.

You are able to take in a lot of information at once.

You often see things that other people never notice.

You have a good eye for design and aesthetics.

You love to be surrounded by beauty - natural or not.

When you imagine how something should look, you see it clearly in your mind.

Sunday, August 10

I'm confused....

.... aren't weekends supposed to be relaxing??? I am exhausted! I will explain tomorrow because I am headed to bed NOW!

I hope your weekend was as beautiful as our weather, here in southern Indiana!

See ya'll tomorrow!!

Friday, August 8

SHOW OFF your SheetLoad!

SheetLoad of Cards is wanting to see what you did with their AUGUST SKETCH or the up & coming MINISKETCH BY ME!!! That will be posted next Friday!! If you would like to join in, be sure to post it HERE on the SheetLoad site by August 29th!

If you are chosen as the GrandPrize winner you will get the ScrapCandy below! There are two other prizes, featuring Basic Grey papers, fibers and rub-ons, too!

I wish I could play!!! I would love that punch!!


... I am going to be teaching two classes for our very own Jasper (Indiana) Community Arts Center! For what??? Jewelry Design! If you are interested in learning my tips and techniques on the basics of Jewelry Design sign up NOW!! Classes run from October 7th to November 11th! I have two classes on Tuesdays, one is in the afternoon from 12:15pm to 2:45 and the other in the evening (time TBA, probably from 6pm to 8:30pm)!

If you have any interest in becoming a jewelry designer for business OR pleasure, this class IS for you! Comment on this post or email me directly if you would like me to contact you with more info! Class size is limited to just 10 people, so call or email NOW! This class is just in the nick of time for learning how to make your own presents for friends and family for CHRISTMAS!


Kristina 6

I need to branch out more.

Do you know that humans only use 10% of their brains. I think Kristina Logan uses the other 90%!

We could all probably take something from these posts of her artwork. Learn to think "out of the box" more, like she does. Not let pre-conceived limitations and boundaries get in the way of our creative thinking. Don't you agree? She is seriously one talented lady. She exhibits everywhere across the world, but still manages to open her studio to the public at least one time a year to talk about her artwork and techniques.

I hope you enjoyed my sharing her work with you all. Sometimes it is just interesting to see what someone else can come up with creatively. Whether you are a papercrafter, painter or quilter, we can all find inspiration in each others skills and talent by taking a moment to look. ~ R E A L L Y ~ LOOK.

KUDOS to Kristina!

Thursday, August 7

Kristina 5

WOWSERS!!!!!!!!!!! That Kristina knows how to work that torch! What gets me is that these beads look painted or something. They are all so perfect in spacing, size, etc. These are GLASS, PEOPLE! I just want ONE, just ONE of her beads! I think I would have to put it in my mouth or at least lick it... you know, to see if it is as yummy tasting as it looks! HA!

Kristina Logan Candlesticks tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 6

Another one of my faves has a BLOG!

After yesterday's post, noting that Sherry Wright has a blog (and mentioning another personal favorite, Kathleen Paneitz), I decided to google again. Kathleen Paneitz has a phenomenal blog featuring her many talents from paper to gardening to photography with a touch of a recipe and family-bit here and there!

I have admired her for YEARS! I always look for her and Sherry Wright in my magazines whenever I get one in the mail or when I buy one at the store. Their talent is awe-inspiring, really!

Anyhoo, so I found Kathleen's blog and just fell in love with her photography as much as I already loved her paper-creations! Check her out for some wonderful artwork and severe creativity!!!!

Toodles, off to work on the orders!

Where or Where did my creativity go? Where or where can it be?

Hi PEEPS! I apologize for the severe LACK of personal posts of cards, jewelry or anything of the like. I have been so busy trying to play catch-up, not just on orders, but with personal-things as well.

The kids have just 8 days left of summer before school is back in session, so you know what that means. SHOPPING. Shopping for shoes, shopping for clothes, shopping for supplies, shopping for bookbags, shopping for lunchboxes, etc, etc, etc..............

Shopping usually excites me, but with four kids in tow, UGH, it is murder! From the excited 5 year old girl who loves EVERYTHING, to the whining 3 year old who would just rather be home playing outside to the 18 year old who wants things that are "fashion-fab" not "pocketbook-friendly", I seriously don't know who is worse. Eli could care less. He is 6 and just wants new shoes. So, at least one of the three is workable. That still leaves me with 75% frustration...

Bare with me for a couple more days. I am committed to some all-day events on Saturday AND Sunday, but after this weekend, things should lighten up! I will so miss seeing my kiddos during the day once they start school next Friday! I have to admit, last year I was kinda squiggly with them around, and couldn't wait to lighten the load with Eli getting in school full-time, but I guess it has gotten some-what easier since they have gotten older, so I will miss them more than last year. Plus, knowing that the sweet baby Isaac of the fam is away for half-day preschool (four days a week) makes me realize that pretty soon they will go off to college like my Josh will next year. So Sad.

They do grow up so fast. Cherish what you got, because in as much as they can annoy you, get on your nerves, disappoint, and even sometimes anger you, they DO grow up and leave you eventually. Faster than you think they will!

Ok, nuff of my personal opinion about child-rearing!

I will start posting regularly, and with CARDS and PAPERCRAFTS, SOON! I can't stand not playing with paper any longer! I seriously think I am in withdrawal and that is what is wrong with me! HA! ( note: you can always refresh your memory of my card-creations by clicking on my LABEL: PAPER in the left-hand column ) Check back for exciting new creations or simply Subscribe to my blog at the end of my left hand column!


Kristina 4

Another shocking necklace by Kristina Logan, she amazes me. I am sure some people may think this is gaudy. I know my hubby probably would. Maybe I don't like it as much style-wise as I do appreciate it workmanship-wise.

If you don't understand how lampwork is made, please, please, please google it. Google for a YouTube video on it as well. You will appreciate the time and talent that it takes to make these beads after seeing how they come about.

A bunch of beads by Kristina tomorrow!

Hope you are enjoying the last remaining days of summer!

Tuesday, August 5

Kristina 3

GET OUT! Is this not the coolest teapot EVER????? Look at that beaded handle! I don't have a price for this one, probably because it IS PRICELESS!

Another necklace tomorrow by Kristina Logan...

Make it a wonderful day!

Founder of Stampin' UP! started a blog!

Hi everyone! For those readers who haven't heard, SHELLI GARDNER, founder of Stampin' UP!, has started a blog. She just started posting on Sunday, so if you are a SUP! fan, you may want to check out her creations daily! Go see SO, SHELLI to get started from the beginning!


Monday, August 4

Sherry's Season's of Change

Howdy, Peeps! I wanted to make you aware of a well-known published crafter that has a blog now. I am positive that you have seen her work in Cards, PaperCrafts, etc... SHERRY WRIGHT is one talented artist and started a blog late last year. I can't believe that it has taken me THIS long to find her!

I commented on one of her posts this morning when I found her and she emailed me back and said she remembered our email/conversation that we had a while back. I got ahold of her email last winter(?) and just had to tell her that I love her work and was very inspired by her creations.

She just seems to be the nicest gal you would ever meet! REALLY! She's like an idol to me! Between her, Kathleen Panietz, and MaryJo Albright, I could sit in front of my computer screen or with my nose in a magazine all day! Anyhoo, Sherry's scrapbook pages and cards are more altered. She doesn't use image stamps like a lot of us do, and keeps her artwork very detailed and well, artsy!

When you get some down-time, try to scoot on over to her blog, she ROCKS!

Have a Nice Night!

Kristina 2

Here's that necklace I was talking about yesterday. These beads are about 7mm each, just over 1/4" each... itty bitty little beads... 35 of them or so... count them if you like... Just $2,600 for 16" of wearable artwork! They are beautiful and fun, though, aren't they?

I will post a Kristina Logan teapot tomorrow. IT IS YUMMY CUTE!


Sunday, August 3

In Honor of Kristina Logan

Do you remember this lampwork necklace that I posted a few weeks back?? I honestly don't even know where I found this picture. Probably on a beading magazine website. Do you know how much this sucker is?

Yes, this is the highlight of my lampwork experience. The most awesome crazy lampwork I have ever seen. I know why NOW that I liked it so much. Because I have style. I have taste. I have, apparently, very EXPENSIVE taste.

How much do you think? $150? $300? $3,000? TRY $5,200! Yep, that's right. You could buy my son a good used car for this necklace. Not that I am saying that I wouldn't buy it myself if I had a spare $5K dripping out of my pocketbook, cuz I would. I know how lampwork is made and believe me, I bet this took HOURS upon HOURS to create! So, you go girl, get what you ARE WORTH!

I guess that's what comes with experience, ingenuity and artistic, creative talent. A lotta MONEY! HA HA! Oh, and there is a 16" necklace that you can buy for a mere $2,600, if you are interested. I will post that one too. Heck, let's just post her artwork everyday this week! I seriously think she has an exemplary creative side that should be shown-off! So, let's do it!

See ya in the A.M.!

Red, White & STERLING!

GOOD EVENING, PEEPS! When I returned from Chicago last Sunday, I had a lovely email from a gal who wanted a KeyBling made from her school's colors, since she is a teacher.... Red and White were her wishes, so this is what I came up with for her!

{ If this isn't what she was thinking or hoping for, then it will be up for grabs and I will try again! HA HA! I will let you know what she decides! }

UPDATE: 8:19pm ~ She called and LOVED IT! It's marked 'SOLD'!!!!!!! THANK YOU, Ms. A!

Enjoy the rest of your night!

Saturday, August 2

AUGUST FREEBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is! The AUGUST FREEBIE! I have had this idea on the list of things to try since last fall, but never got around to it! Now, don't worry... the battery isn't old, it hasn't been running at all. The little clear-plastic-thingy is still intact, you can almost see it in the picture if you click on the picture to get the details!

The watch is intentionally UPSIDE DOWN! WHY? Well think about it. If you wear it on your belt loop or purse, all you need to do is glance down and see it right-side up! HOW ingenious! Gotta love that! I added a beautiful swirling variety of rainbow-colored Swarovski crystals, with extra wound silver wires on each; gives it that extra sparkle-factor, you know... BLING! The mother-of-pearl face and bold numbers make this watch easy to read, too.

This WatchBling measures 1" wide and 2" long from lobster-clasp to watch face end at twelve o'clock. Sizeable to read, but not too big to get in the way. Since no one wants to wear a watch when they workout, you could even put this on your gym bag so you don't lose track of time.

You, of course, can increase your chances of winning by voting for me everyday (see instructions for entries at top of blog) and also by blogging about this on your blog (please link this post up to your blog entry). You can also earn more entries by emailing your friends and CC:ME. When you vote, be sure to email me with my ranking (#1, #2, etc) in the subject line and I will give you an entry for the watch!

OH, and RATING ME (9 out of 10, 10 out of 10, etc) is not necessary to make your vote count. Just seeing me on page means you gave me a vote!

If you are new to my blog and wonder what the big deal is about voting.... Well, staying on the first page of the JEWELRY & BEAD MAKERS WEBSITE, helps me gain some visibility to future customers and/or businesses that may want to use me in the future for custom creations. AND, to say 'THANK YOU!' for keeping me on the first page (usually at #2), I always offer a monthly FREEBIE! The more you vote (up to one time every 24 hours) the more entries, thus 'chances', you will earn to win! You can view past monthly freebies at the end of my blog. Just scroll down to the end, after the posts.)

Voting started August 1st and will conclude on August 31st. The drawing is at noon and pictures of the drawing will be posted soon thereafter. If you ever have something you would like to see offered as a monthly freebie, just comment anytime on any post!

So... Let the VOTING BEGIN!
Ha Ha!

Seriously, I do SO appreciate everyone's support when you vote. I have found a lot of customers and made a lot of great friends because of being on the first page! THANKS AGAIN!