Thursday, August 28

Raspberry & Silver KeyBling

If you haven't heard already, I have a serious fetish for Raspberry ANYTHING. YEP, that is right. I will take raspberry-bribes for just about anything! (ask my hubby! HA HA! nah, just joking...) Raspberry shower gel, raspberry gum, raspberry and dark chocolate, oh my!

OH, did I tell ya that I took Josh to The Olive Garden a couple of weekends ago when we went shopping for his Senior-Picture clothes? Guess what I had? Yeah, I just couldn't resist the White Chocolate RASPBERRY Cheesecake. I almost didn't get it, but then Josh said, "Mom, will you leave here and then say in the car, 'I wish I had ordered that raspberry-cheesecake for dessert'?". I answered with an avid "YES!" so I ordered it up. Josh had to eat it with me, it was so rich!

Oh, yeah... the keybling... RIGHT!

Raspberry and Gray lampworked glass beads are just yummy in this keybling! I must say, these were nearly in my mouth! BUT, I controlled myself! HA! I love the added softness of the opaque gray glass in this set; I added Crystal Shadow Swarovski crystals along with the Ruby and Fuchsia crystals. Crystal Shadow is basically a silvery-inspired Swarovski crystal color. It is a clear crystal with a gray-finish, if you will. So it just sparkles!! Perfect for coordinating with sterling silver, too, which of course, is all I use!!

This sterling silver ring is ready to slide onto your existing keychain! BUT, only if Ms. K, in Florida doesn't choose this one from the two keyblings listed HERE and below! As soon as she chooses, I will post which two remain!

You can always have me whip one up for you, too!
Let me know your favorite colors and I will make it happen!

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