Monday, August 4

Sherry's Season's of Change

Howdy, Peeps! I wanted to make you aware of a well-known published crafter that has a blog now. I am positive that you have seen her work in Cards, PaperCrafts, etc... SHERRY WRIGHT is one talented artist and started a blog late last year. I can't believe that it has taken me THIS long to find her!

I commented on one of her posts this morning when I found her and she emailed me back and said she remembered our email/conversation that we had a while back. I got ahold of her email last winter(?) and just had to tell her that I love her work and was very inspired by her creations.

She just seems to be the nicest gal you would ever meet! REALLY! She's like an idol to me! Between her, Kathleen Panietz, and MaryJo Albright, I could sit in front of my computer screen or with my nose in a magazine all day! Anyhoo, Sherry's scrapbook pages and cards are more altered. She doesn't use image stamps like a lot of us do, and keeps her artwork very detailed and well, artsy!

When you get some down-time, try to scoot on over to her blog, she ROCKS!

Have a Nice Night!

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Sherry Wright said...

Oh my goodness, I totally missed this post. I'm so blushing and honored that you enjoy seeing my creations. Thank you ever so much for the kind words. :0)