Friday, August 1

Bath & Body Works Sale!

I HAVE to share this awesome sale that Bath & Body Works is having! I know this isn't craft related, but who doesn't love woman-y scented things and WHEN THEY ARE ON SALE?!

I just used their online site to order a honkin' batch of 14 soaps, a bronzer, a foot fizzy soak, a Sea Island Cotton Body creme, their new Black Amethyst sample and took advantage of their $3.00 shipping discount. (it takes me an hour to drive there, so obviously thier $3.00 shipping charge is a lot less than even one gallon of gas, and it would take me 6 gallons to get there!)

ANYHOO, I got $130.00 of stuff for just $68.38!!!! Just under 50% off! HOW did I do this?? Well, their soaps are on sale and I got the Aromatherapy soaps (reg $6.00) because they have 12 oz. instead of the 8 oz that the Signature line has (regularly $4.50). These were all 7 soaps for $20.00! So, I got 14! This is the ONLY product that is a 'must have' in my house. I can do without the shampoos, and home fragrances, but soaps are a must!

Ok, so then they have their True Blue, 2 for $20.00, So the two I picked should have been $33.50 together, so that saved me some. Their new fragrance, Black Amethyst is just a buck when you purchase anything else, so I got that and saved $2.50. AND last but not least, I googled the words: "bath and body works coupon code" and came up with this GREAT SITE, I tried their RAIN code after putting in a Sea Island Cotton body creme and it did come up as FREE!!!!!! Saved $10.50 with that one! Can you believe it??

Try it for yourself NOW, because the shipping special ends tonight!

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